downs results-normal?

Hi girls i just got back from nuchal scan as i am having twins and was offered it. I got result of 1 in 850. measurements of necks were 1.2 and 1.9. the scanner lady said these were good results and i was a low risk.

what has everyone elses results come back at as i expected them tio be in 1000's!?



  • Hey little miss - I cant remember my % - I will look it up and let you know. My measurement was 0.9mm


    Kittyboo 18+3
  • Hi chick I wrote a very similar post this morning - I got 1 in N fold was 1.5 -(I am only 26) it has worried me a bit but then I thought they put 1 in 250 for a reason and you are triple that. x
  • My NT scan was done quite late at 22 weeks and was 3.7 mm which is apparently normal and my triple test results were one in greater than 20,000 (im only 22). Your results sound good hun so i wouldnt worry at the end of the day someone with a risk like mine could still end up being the unlucky one just as much as someone with a lower risk


  • we did not have the nuchal scan, just the blood test. that came back as 1 in 100,000 which i thought was wrong as it was soo high. i do not think i have seen another number that high before. if you have been told low risk i would try not to worry. i know easier said than done. xxx
  • hi

    we got our results today aswell, the measurment was 1.2mm and 1 in 33,000, your result is still very low, so thats good.

    ashy 13+2
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