GTT - how long to wait for results?

Hi all

I had my GTT on Friday morning and rang the Doctors today for my results - she said they're not on the system and go directly to the midwife. I can't speak to a midwife after 3.30pm unless its an emergency (sorry but that's not helpful!!!) so have made an appointment at the midwife clinic for tomorrow afternoon as I also need to chat about my iron levels / tablets and ask for that health in pregnancy grant form.

How long did everyone else wait for their results? Normally I just ring reception and if they are OK, they will give me the info. over the phone.

Am so annoyed - but am taking it as a good sign - if there was something wrong, surely they would have contacted me as diabetes in pregnancy needs treating doesn't it? The blood lady on Friday said the results would be ready for definite on Tuesday.

Joo xxx


  • grrr be ate my post!!!! Greedy BE

    Hi Joo,

    i had my GTT doen at hospital, and rang for the results 2 days later!

    Hopefully you'll get yours tomorrow

  • Thank you!!! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed I get them tomorrow!

  • I had mine done at the hospital and they rang me the very next morning! I was surprised but happy to get results back so quick, hope they will give you results soon x
  • i had my GTT on friday and had to phone back 3 HOURS later for the results which i got and they were clear thank god! my hospital must do them quickly!

  • Hope you have your results now Joo. I've been told i have to have one at 24 weeks... i was going to ask if i could have it with my 28 week bloods instead as i hate needles. How many weeks were you all when you had yours? and can i ask is it two needles in one morning?? =/
  • I got my results the day after my test, but it was done at the hospital - I imagine if yours was done at the surgery it would take longer, as they probably didn't drop off the sample at the hospital immediately. Hope you've got your results now & it's good news.
    Pineapple, I had mine done at 27 weeks as a result of my baby measuring big on scans but the results were fine (i'm sure it's just because I think they've got the dates wrong!). They did 2 tests but only required one needle - I would imagine if you combine yours with the 28 week bloods it would also just require one needle, they'll just swap the sample bottle on the end of it.
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