How do you define "relax"

Just wanted your advice please. I am 9wks and have been told to "take it easy" due to internal bleed. I am not lifting a hoover, or ironing but I am still shopping (I need to eat!) and going to meet friends for coffee. I am meant to be going on a trip next week that would result in spending nearly 3 hours on a motorway, I cant see it as a problem as I would be sitting in a car (I wouldnt be driving), but my dh says if anything was to happen I would never forgive myself. However I have been asked to to join a friend and her kids this afternoon for a walk and a picnic. Finding it hard to define whats safe and whats not. Your definition would be much appreciated xxx


  • Hi Tuppence - poor you.

    I think I would define 'taking it easy' as lots of rest and non-strenuous activity. I would therefore feel the things you are suggesting doing are fine - I don't think they mean total bed rest.

    At the end of the day, I think you will know if you're over-doing it, so just go slow, don't lift anything too heavy and have lots of rest with your feet up as well as everything else and fingers crossed you'l be fine.

    Take care

    Koi x
  • I'd say gentle walks are fine and motorway journeys are fine. I'd avoid driving on bumpy roads - gave me really intense braxton hicks, like I had to ask to pull over after a while - and walks over unstable ground where you might lose your footing.

    It's so hard 'cos you have to live your life, but you sometimes don't realise you're pushing yourself too hard until you've over-done it already - I was always doing daft stuff like running for the bus - eventually had to stop because it just left me with a massive tightening of the tummy and I simply couldn't runimage

    Shopping's fine but try to divide the load so no bag's too heavy. Supermarkets should offer you help packing if you need - just tell them you've put your back out if you don't want to annouce your pregnancy!

    Take care and try to enjoy the time out with your friends! xx
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