babys heart rate - can you tell the sex????


I'm pregnant with my 5th and have got my 20wk scan on 10 nov and it just seems ages away!! I can't wait to find out what i'm having and i'm hoping for a girl.
I bought a doppler of ebay and the babys heartrate is around 155bpm which indicates it's a girl if you go by 'the myth', which if its above 140bpm it's a girl and below a boy!!
I'm really hoping this is true and studies have been done and found some truth in it although it is still not guaranteed.

I didn't do this with my others and just wondered if this method of sexing baby worked for you or if your due to have your scan before me and are finding out sex of baby and know the heartrate then let me know if it worked please!!

I know it can be 50/50 but it's only a bit of fun really and something to keep me occupied cos i'm going round the bend thinking about it!! lol xx


  • haha funny u shld ask this, my mum keeps asking what our baby's heartbeat is so she can tell us boy or girl, but i'm refusing even to humour her, as because of the heartbeat thing she was convinced iwas a boy (138bpm) but guess what... i waqs very much a girl lol! yet she still wants to know what this heartneat is. personally i don't see the harm in doing it as a bit of fun, like the sex predictor on this site, but, i really wldn't take it seriously.


  • When I was pregnant with my 1st LO, my LO's heartbeat was nearly 160bpm!! Indicating girl if you believe the 'old wives tales'. Thsi time round my LO's heartbeat is about 138bpm indicating a boy, and thats what we're having. I said to my MW is there any truth in and she said none at all, girls can have a slower rate and boys can be faster!! Think it was just a coincedence!! Its fun to try, but like Siany said I wouldnt take it to seriously. According to BE's sex predictor I'm having a girl, and my last LO was a boy!! :roll: Commplete wrong way round!!


  • I think its just fun/myth, I am having two girls and there heartbeats have never been fast.. no where near 155bpm, much nearer the 140 or even a bit lower like 135bpm. x
  • Hi, just thought i'd let you know that i had a gender scan done and i'm having a boy so it hasn't worked for me! As i said before the heartrate was around 155bpm which indicated a girl! lol so there we go!!
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