Anybody else at work?

It's poo I can't believe I am back at work already and there is nothing to do and nobody in ;-(

I had to get off the C2C train a stop early this morning as I overheated and really really thought I was going to be sick it was such a horrid feeling though feeling a bit better now .

K xx


  • Hi K Lou, Im not in work but feeling abit poo too, my morning sickness has started to kick in!

    Hey not long til your scan, is it? Try and think about that instead of work!!

  • Yeah I have my scan this sunday I am sooooo excited, plus I move this friday so have loads to look forward to just wished I felt better you know.

    I have (touch wood) not been sick as yet this morning was the cloest I came to it.

    I can't believe I am already 8 weeks and 4 days it seems to be flying by.

    K xx
  • hi K-lou, i was just wondering where you'd got to! Not seen you on for a bit. How is everything? i dont work at the mo, so am enjoying the two weeks off with the boys, and OH who is self employed decided to take 2 weeks off over xmas to make a start on our decorating! (he is a plasterer/decorator by trade, so consequently my house is always in a state of disrepair lol) I do feel for all those who have to be back in so soon image
    Glad you're feeling better after your train journey, buses and trains are awful for morning sickness xxxxx
  • Cool! Ive got an early scan booked on Sunday 18th Jan, cant wait, its only 3 weeks away but feels like forever!

    Cant wait to see your scan pics, Ill be 9+2 so hoping we can see it clearly.

  • Oh good luck with your scans both of you! Bet you're both so excited, its amazing seeing your little bean for the first time! I have my 20 week scan on 9th of Jan, cant wait!
  • Lynz - You lucky thing image would love to be off now but sadly in for a full day today and tomorrow and then till 4pm on the wed image

    Claire - I will be 9 weeks and 3 days as well when I go for my scan I think you will see the baby clear but it will still be a funny little shape, though I have seen 9 weeks scans before and you can see where the arms and legs are as well image

    I just want to make sure it has a heart beat and then I will be all smiles image I have my booking in app on the 13th Jan at 9am but that is not the NHS scan i am told that will be a week or two weeks later for some reason.

    K xx
  • Hi love, I'm not at work but did do boxing day late and saturday early. Can't believe its going so fast. Sorry your feeling poo this am but I always felt that so long as I had pg symptoms everything was alright.
    Hope your move goes well on friday and can't wait to see your scan photos.
  • Hello honey

    Feels like ages since I last spoke to you how is everything did you have a wonderful Christmas??

    I know what you mean, I said to hubby this morning even though I feel rubbish I am pleased inside as I am taking that to be a good sign. I just hope I am lucky and am not actually sick.

    I have been getting lower back pain and pain in my hips have no idea what that is all about?? I am too early to be getting things like that but they are very painful.

    K xx
  • Hi K-lou

    Im at work but only until Weds and then im on maternity leave YAY!!! absolutely shattered and cannot wait for these 3 days to be over!

    PS - I was also on C2C this morning and it was packed wasn't it! where do you travel in from? I get on at East Tilbury and off at Fenchurch St.

    Anna (32+3)
  • I had a very hectic christmas with a poorly cat, who is improving slowly, and my donor coming on christmas eve! Christmas day is always hectic, then work fri and sat and I hit the sales yesterday. My house is a disasterous tip-can't see the front room floor for toys. My plan for today is a little more shopping and then tidying so I can get the cleaning done. Don't feel like any of it but never mind.
    I'm starting to think that I'm quite envious of you being at work!!!
    Hope you had a good christmas?
  • Anna Marie, you live about 3 minutes away from me by train!! I'm in Stanford lol
  • Pinkgirl wow that is not long at all?? how are you feeling about it. My friend who gives birth in 7 weeks is in today and she said she is soooooo scared bless her and excited at the same time.

    The 12 weeks so far are going slow but they are also going fast if you know what I mean. It feels like I have been preg forever but then it seems to be flying by. I will just feel so much happier once I have this scan on sunday to make sure the heart beat is there and nice and strong image

    K xx
  • Lynz-81 wow - thats only 1 stop from me. My parents and parents-in-law both live in Stanford/Corringham so I know it well!

    Im also currently taking NCT classes at Hassengate Medical Centre!

    What a small world we live in!
  • Anna Marie - Yes the trains were really busy this morning I wondered what was going on . I get on at upminster and off at Fenchurch street but move to Chafford Hundred next froday so will get it from there. I was on the 8:10 but had to get off at Limehouse as I thought I was going to be sick and then got the 8:15 which was even worse!

    Helen - check you out with all your shopping LOL i love shopping though nothing fits me right now and there is no point going out to buy new bits yet.

    K xx

  • Haha, thats my surgery! My midwife there, Dolly, is so lovely. I didnt know they did NCT classes though, they never told me!!
  • Ah huni

    Well if it makes you feel better i was sitting next to a huge smelly man - he was so tall and wide and clearly wanted half of my seat too! I may not be so big up top but my stomach needs lots of room now and I was close to shouting this to him! Atleast I got a seat tho!

    I must have been on that one or thereabouts - i got the 7.45 from East Tilb which was abit late.

    PS I warn you now you have to fight for a seat when its busy - im nearly 33weeks and have been offered a seat TWICE, both times by a lady and have had to stand numerous times on way home cos i was too nervous to ask someone for fear of what they might say to me! People look at your bump and then start reading their newspaper and pretend they didnt see you - very frustrating. Oh and wait til you cant walk through the carriage for fear of being wedged in the aisle - i get lots of tuts if i have to squeeze through to get a seat cos my tummy knocks people who wont move!
  • How rude, I joked with hubby this morning that I will just push everybody out of the way with my bump LOL

    I was hoping the trains will be not as busy when I get on at Chafford Hundred as I sometimes get a seat when it stops at Upminster but I don't think that will be the case.

    K xx
  • I dont get the Chafford train that much but there are usually seats left. You will find you'll poke lots of people with your bump anyway cos you tend to forget its there and how far it sticks out! My hubby is always moaning at me for prodding him with it! haha!

    Do you work far from Fenchurch St? I fortunately only have a 5 minute walk although thats getting too much now as in the evening its up hill and it kills me!
  • Most of my stuff is for lo. The next sale is so good for their stuff-I've got tops and trousers for her for next autumn now!!xxx
  • Anna - I workd right next to the Bank of England so about a 10 mins walk from Fenchurch street which is not too bad, though it's sooo cold I just wish I could click my fingers and be there.

    Helen - yeah my friends always go out now to stock up on clothes for the little ones , they do it for the whole year!!

    K xx
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