Confused - Letter from hospital!!

Hi girls!!

I've just got home & got a letter from the midwife @ the hospital saying they would like me to go in for a scan & reveiw tomorrow @ 10.20am due to my non attendance on the 20th Jan!

I've had my 12week scasn, & my 20 week is booked for the 12th Feb. The appointment I missed on 20th Jan was the bloods test for downs, which I called to cancel, but they told me not to turn up! So now I'm really confused, should I just turn up & expect a scan?!!?!? I don't want to go, & then they cancel my 20week scan! I'm confused!!!!

What do you think?

17+4 x

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  • If I was you I'd call them tomorrow and say you'd just got the letter and are confused cos you're next appointment is 12th Feb. Can they confirm its still booked... It should be ok as they don't normally cancel them on you but if I was you I'd just check anyway....

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