will somebody help tell me how many weeks i am suppose to be

Hi, the docs are wondering if i have had a missed miscarriage cos they reckon i should be 12 weeks going from date of my last period. i did a test on 6 dec which showed positive. i did 2 tests the week before which were both negative so im assuming i wasnt pregnant the week before. i had a stitch like pain on 7 dec which im led to believe may be implantation? how many weeks do you think i am?!


  • Positive tests normally show up at about 4 weeks, maybe 5 if you used a crap test, so I would say you're about 9 or 10 weeks? You'd have to get a scan to determine it though. x
  • Hi Sarah, my last af was 15 oct. Ive only had one af since being on the pill for years so they have gone by that date and they said i should be 12 ish weeks. i went to a & e with pains and they scanned me and said 'baby' only 3mm suggesting i am only 5/6 weeks and pregnancy not viable. gotta go back in ten days to have scan to see if baby grown. just trying to think of some positives, i.e. that i am actually only 6 weeks. not likely though.thanks for replyxx
  • if u have just come off the pill then ur periods may be long cycles mine were 56, 50, 33,40 days!! my last af was 16th nov so doc went on that saying i was 7 weeks but i noted when i thought i ov and that made me only 5 weeks making my af another 40 day cycle. i won't know until the scan.i guess when they work out how far gone u are they r doing it on a regular 28 day cycle, which i def don't have.u may only be 6 weeks, did u have any symptoms at all early on. i did a test on the day after new years day which came up pos straight away so now i am either just gone 8 weeks or just gone 6 weeks. if u got a pos on 6th dec then u must be over 6 weeks prob around 9 weeks hope this helps xxx
  • I'm in the same situation as yous, I've had an early scan and they thought the sac was about 5 weeks, although no baby in it which I was told was normal they wounldn't expect to see anything that early. I'm going back on the 22nd. So i think I'm coming up for 7 weeks although I'm not sure.
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