question for any mums to be from glasgow???

How did you decide what hospital you are going to have your baby in?? I dont know what is better the Royal Infirmary, or Queen Margaret??

Jstar xxx


  • I there I'm from Glasgow too.

    I choose the Royal last time because I had heard a few horror stories about the other 2 (sorry Helbel). I couldnt fault the Royal it was great so therefore I have chosen to go back there again for this one.

  • Hebel - I think you will here bad things about all places,thats why i wanted other ppls opinions.But my aunt works at the southern general and she chose to have her two babies there,even though she lives at the other side of the city.

    Jstar x
  • hi i replyed on BABY forum, hope you find a hospital tht feels right for you, take care love fiona and hayden
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