really worried stupid hospital

im 31+5 and really really scared because i feel like my hospital are getting me ready for a c section because im slighty over weight they are getting me in to see a vein doctor to checks my legs in case i have to stay in bed and the doctor who does the Epidural because they have to check that im ok to have this i have a 4 year old daughter and gave birth to her normal and i was more over weight (diffrent hospital) i don,t like needles and have a really big fear so the thought of having a needle in my back is worring me to death sorry to have a moan but im scared about this .

thank you cherie x

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  • I also have a terrible phobia of needles and I knew I'd have to have my blood taken when I became pregnant.

    I don't know but the hospital maybe able to provide you with some Emla cream which does numb the area. I actually bought some from the chemist but it needs to be put on about 30 minutes before. I don't know if they can do this for an Epidural but it might help. I would also speak to your midwife to see if a c-section is really necessary.

    I have a pre-existing back injury and they cannot give me an epidural but my consultant wants me to see the aneathatist (I cannot spell that word!) and to be knocked out for a c section if I cannot have a normal delivery. That horrifies me too. I think the only way I have dealt with it is to try not to worry about what I cannot control and I also think a year from now I will have a beautiful baby. Also, you hear of some people having horrendous labours but at the end they'd do it all again to see their baby.

    Just look after yourself. I am sure you will be fine.
  • a epadural isnt that bad, i have a real phobia of needles, i passed out at first bloods with daughter cause i was so scared, but when i had been in labour for over 30 hours i had a epadural cause the pain was unberable, i didnt see the needles as i was bent forward with boyfriend holding me, all i felt was a sting for a second then the rest of it was like a pushing feeling on my spine, it was painless.i will be asking for one this time to they are fantastic.
    you should talk with your midwife hun if it is making you so worried, they might reassure you.
    good luck hun xxx

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  • How slightly overweight are you Im a big girl and my weight has never been mentioned and as for an epidural you dont see the needle like Nikki says your bent over and hubby/boyfriend can stand in front of you
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