20wk scan with 2D and 3D pics - I'm Having a................

Hi Girls

I had my 20 week scan today and had a really good appointment, it was over an hour long and because i had a few problems in a previous pregnancy, I didn't just get the normal 2D Scan pictures i also got to see my baby in 3D/4D and get pictures too, i think they did this just to reassure me. They were amazing and they gave me 10 photos free of charge image. I do however have to go back and have another scan at 32 weeks, because they found that my placenta is only 2cm away from my cervix, so want to check that it hasn't moved over my cervix. If it does, i will have to have a planned c-section, so fingers crossed it stays where it is! They also told me that i am having a baby boy. Here is a piccie and the link to all of the photos. Nicki




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