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Once baby has arrived which position 2 sleep?????

Hi ladies......
Ive recently read that the now recomended position to put your baby to sleep in cot etc in on there backs. With my last baby the recomended position was on there side,with a small towell propt behind back to stop them rolling onto there backs. It was felt that better on there side so that if they vomit it would just come out easy as opposed to on there backs where they could gag on it.
Any comments,ideas anyone. I kinda think it makes sense on there sides,what do you think etc???


  • I've heard back but I dont want to as it makes the baby have a flat head at the back. I would rather have my baby with a nice normal round head than flatten it by putting it down to sleep on its back. I think side sounds better espescially if theyre going to vomit. Makes sense. x
  • side sounds best to me, my daughter was a sicky baby so i never had her on her back xx
  • I havnt laid either of my daughters on their back as their were both sicky and used to choke on it, they also used to try and pull the covers up over them!! I have never understood why they recommend sleeping baby on back? xx
  • Glad someone has put this post as a first time mum to be I never really thought of that! Please keep posting essential tips like this, I need them! This is going to sound really thick but if you put a towel behind them what is to stop them rolling on to their fronts? I may be being stupid but like I said, this is my first time!!!
  • They do sometimes roll on their fronts both mine did then but ended up getting comfortable and sleeping on their fronts, little bit naughty but they are comfortable and not choking on sick! xx
  • So it's safe for them to sleep on their fronts? I wasn't sure bout that. I sleep on my front and always have so must have done it as a baby. Just not sure what the rules are now. x
  • To be honest the quidelines change constantly, if there not saying a baby has to sleep a certain way they are saying how you should make milk up etc. To be honest I have always just gone by what the baby wants, and how things work for us as a family unit. I always put them to bed safely, feet at bottom of cot, tuck sheets in, etc but they sleep on their front, when they are on their side they roll over anyway, and when they are on their back they end up sicking in their mouth and to me choking on their sick is dangerous.

    I am sure once baby is here they will make up their mind on how they want to do things and they can be very stubborn in making sure they have it their way!

    Good luck xx
  • I suppose if they're comfy then they're going to sleep how they want!! I guess I'll just panic whatever!!
  • As a mum you end up worrying about everything even the tiniest detail, and sometimes these people that make the guidelines dont help, what do they know sometimes where they change the rules all the time it makes you feel that you are doing everything wrong?

    Sometimes I wonder have they actually had kids themselves??

  • Thanks for the advice. I'll let baby decide when it arrives image x
  • lol.great response. Yep agree tot. They change there mind all d bloddy time. I think on there sides and prob thats what ill do.
  • The guidelines have always changed. It used to be safest to put them on their fronts, then it changed to the sides and now their backs. I'm a first time mum but a nurse and have never liked the idea of putting a baby who can't move for themselves on their back. In adults they are put on their sides if they vomit and can't move so why should it be different for a baby?
    My sisters have 3 children each and all of them prefered their fronts. When I was little it was the practice to sleep on your front so I'll be going for side at night time but back during the day (when I'm awake) Change which bit of the head is getting squashed!! But it will probably all change when little one tells me what he/she wants
    Only a week to find out if he/she arrives on time PLEASE OH PLEASE HURRY UP AND GET HERE!! LOL
  • Please before putting your baby on it's front to sleep read the SIDS guidelines on their website.

    yes guidelines do change slightly from one year to the next but to put your baby to lie on it's back has been around since the 90's it's not a new thing. New researches come out and medical knowledge increases, so we should always keep up todate. but it's proven that it lessens the chance of baby dying of SIDS.

    we used to paint our babies cots with lead paint then let us chew to it...!! lol. yes we all survived it, but that doesn't mean that I'd want to do the same for my son. The same way I wouldn't put my son on his belly to sleep.

    when daniel was a baby he was a sicky baby for the first few weeks and was too worried about the being sick, but every time he did he would turn his head to the side. never once did he choke on it. If you find your baby does choke then putting baby on his side & a towel behind is a good idea. All babies should be with you for the first 6 months anyway so if you hear them be sick, cough or choke you will be there anyway.

    Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) is NOT caused by people putting baby on it's back to sleep!!! That's just the biggest story told!!!! It's caused because parents these days don't put baby on their fronts to play as much as they should. All babies will get a small amount of flatness on their heads because they are born will soft skulls. this corrects itself when baby starts to sit etc. But then with that and putting them on their backs in bouncy chairs, car seats, and playing under gyms etc increase the chance of becoming flatter. So the change should be more playing on the belly not changing the sleep postion. I would never risk putting baby on it's front to escape a flat head for costmetic reasons.

    At the end of the day some babies do only sleep on their fronts or sides. But there are many studies to prove that sleeping on the back HAS decreased the amount of babies dying of SIDS. I would never want to tempt fate tbh and put him on his front at all. He's now 15 months old and he sleeps on his back but moves onto his side sometimes.

    Very good thread bex!!

    wendy xx :\)
  • Hi Wenders,
    Didnt know you had little boy,lol your having yours close together how nice, They can play together.
    Yes its true that the medical profession learn and therfore change....But it can sometimes be confusing carnt it !!!!. I think thats a good suggestion. Daytime play on tummy. Sleep during day while your awake on back, But I think at night I still feel more confortable using there side to sleep. Thats hoping that she sleeps mind you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There was a nurse on the site now and she was saying that even adults who maybe dont have so much control are put on there sides, so Maybe shes got a point to.

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