we just had our scan

Hello ladies..

well, we just got back from the hospital after having my 12 weeks scan and it was brilliant.

I am 12+6, which is less than I thought, but that is all good. So our due date is deffo thr 13th August.
Baby was on fine form for Jake.

it was layed chillin out, hands behind her head (i say her as I am convinced it is a girl) then the woman doing the scan jiggled ma bump to make her move and my od dd she ever.
She practically stood up, it was brillinat, and she hiccuped as well lol.

I feel so much happier now I have seen her, I was feeling a bit anxious about it all, despite having heard the heartbeat.

We have the next one on the 27th March.


  • well done i remember going to my first scan i was so damn scared the scanner woman even said to me r u ok??? when i walked in because i was shaking so much but she was brill and everything was fine i will never forget that first scan so special xxx
  • Ah i am used to all this I have 2 kids already lol.
  • glad your scan went well, its lovley when you see your baby isnt it.
    im sure your 20 week scan will be here soon its 14 days before my due date so hope it is here soon lol.
    take care and congrats.


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