Please let me sleep!

So having previously been someone who could sleep anywhere, anytime, I am finding this very frustrating! I go to bed at a reasonable time, feeling exhausted. I waken and get up usually around 12.30 and then about half hourly until early morning when I fall sound asleep until about 8. So in all I am only getting about 3 hours decent sleep in a night.I am shattered. I am trying not to sleep through the day at all , firstly to try and help me sleep at night (apparently not working!) and secondly, cos I am on hols just now but need to go back to full time work where snoozes will not be an option.
Why does my body not want to sleep?
ps I am guessing noone else will be up at this ridiculous hour either!


  • Well i can sympathise with you 100%! I have struggled with sleeping from about 8 weeks. Firstly with the bladder situation and from 19 weeks severe back and pelvis pain. It was actully easier fo me when i was working becouse you had to stay awake in the day. I am 36 weeks and it unfortunately has got worse i am now under a chiropracter after waking every 40 mins to an hour which is ridiculous. I used to get insomnia in the first two trimesters as this is my first baby and i think your mind goes into overdrive. now however i do find it easier to get back to sleep becouse i am so shattered. I think some of it is natures way of getting us prepared for sleepless nights. Iwould sugest you try and sleep a little in the day if you can. If i wake at 4 and cant get back to sleep i get up now and promisemyself a sleep later i do a bit of ironing or read downstairs as it is more frustrating lying in bed next to someone else who is sleeping! You are right snoozes wont bean option when you go back to work but your body will cope becouse it has too. I used to work 40 hours in four days, and on my 3 days off i would snooze. You need to conserve your energy when you can. Which is what we will have to do when we have our babies sleep when ever we can. Enjoy your holiday babe im getting tired again now been up since 5 so am going to have an hour in a bit take care x
  • I am really concerned about disturbing hubby but am pleased to say he gets disturbed but not too badly. No point in both of us suffering just now, plenty time for that after the birth! I got back to sleep after my 5 am post but awake again before 8. I'm luckier than you both from the sounds of things because I am not particularly in pain, just restless and unable to sleep!! I am gonna try gettiin some sleep through the day but not after late afternoon, and all the usuals like not eating too late (although that means I waken up hungry in the middle of the night). Oh the joys, the joys! xx
  • I have trouble sleeping at the mo, am so tired but can't get comfy, feel hot then cold then hot, wake up in middle of night and if i wake up around 5am I don't fall back to sleep. I'm shattered by the time i get to work and then trying to teach 28 6 year olds and then do all the other stuff after school, then tea, then marking and lesson planning I'm shattered. I just want a good nights sleep!!!!!
  • i too have had trouble sleeping, after the phase of being able to sleep anywhere anytime. i can go to bed about 10 shattered then lie there for a while, read etc and then i feel wide awake again about 12 and get back up and it can be 2 or 3 before im in bed. dont know why, guess just too much going on in my head. fortunately i stay at home with daughter so not got work to get up for, but its still hard entertaining a 3 year old all day on not much sleep.oh sleeps thru it all, nothing would wake him!! so its just me all alone in the middle of the night aww.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • Don't know if this will help but I went to bed about 1130 last night, had sex and found that I had the best nights sleep for a long time. Only got up at 130 and 4 and slept till 730. So if sex is an option, I would recommend giving it a go!! x ps but then maybe it was the fact I went to bed later that helped!
  • Sleep what is that? oh yes its something I had a long time ago!!!!! well thats how I feel. The minute I lay down my mind goes into over drive. Harry the bump is very understanding when I pat my tummy and tell him its bed time, he moves into place has a few kicks then stays still.
    Last night it was gone 1.30 am when I fell asleep I was motifid to find out it was only 20 past 3 when I woke up for the first time, then every half hour after that. My brother in law asked me if I would cover the phones at his business this today, and I really wanted to get a good nights sleep. At 6am this morning when the alarm went off I was glad of getting up as it meant I had something to do other than lay in bed wishing I could sleep!
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