Didn't enjoy my booking in appt :-(

It was horrible to be honest!

We got sent back and forth around the hospital as they didn't know where our midwife was! Then she was just really scatty and kept not being able to find things we were meant to be given. (maybe I was being paranoid though as hubby thought she was ok!) Plus she called me by the wrong name which didn't fill me with confidence.

It was SO hot in the room so when she went to do the blood tests at the end of the appt my vein literally exploded and blood was trickling down my arm. I hate blood tests at the best of times so was awful. She took 3 massive bottles and I hadn't eaten for a while and it was so hot I really almost fainted! Had to lie down for a bit as I felt like I was floating, had ringing in my ears and was loosing vision! Not good! Really hasn't helped my fear of blood tests.

As I have had 2 previous miscarriages and epilepsy (like 20 years ago) I class as -high risk' so gotta have GTT at 28 weeks and also see consultant at 20 weeks to decide if I can go to the Midwife Led Centre (which we want) or if I have to be Consultant Led(which we REALLY don't want - esp not at our hospital as it sucks but we don't have the choice). From what I've heard they try to do whatever they can to not let you go to the Midwife Centre so I won't be impressed if they say we can't.

I just found it really confusing about where to go when as well - like she said see gp/midwife at 16 weeks (not sure which!) then 20 weeks see this consultant. Then pick up my notes after 20 week scan. What just randomly go in and pick up my notes??? And will he give me my MATB1? Was just all v unclear. Then I got a bit tearful on the way back about being scared as all the talk of pain relief, breastfeeding, pelvic floor exercises, birth plans etc was freaking me out a bit. It all just seems like too much detail when we haven't even had the scan yet and there's still 6 months to go! But then other stuff like what foods to avoid seemed really silly being told as late as 12 weeks!

Just feel bit worried now really...hopefully scan on Tues will be better experience.
Sorry to moan xx


  • Ooh poor you, I wasn't overly impressed at my booking in appointment either, waited 2 1/2hrs just to see the midwife and was then sent al over the hospital to book scans, have blood tests, etc. and like you I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to be doing when. Why can't they just give you a list of what to do at each week, it should be so simple.

    I'm sure that if everything's going ok the hosipital will let you go to the midwife led centre, especially as this is likely to be more cost effective for them. If they don't you'll just have to keep in mind that they're recommending what's best for you and baby.
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