god im so tired ...

im so tired and fed up now im huge and uncomfy and want my oh back is it normal to feel this tired at 29 weeks i dont think im gona go much further to be honest by the way im feeling im under to much stress and not to mention the preeclampsia side of things thats if i dnt go into labour by myself cos of that prick god is he been so nasty to me im physicly and emotionally drained iv just ad enuff i just feel like curling under the quilt and never comeing out again :cry:


  • I am finding your post quite difficult to read and don't know who has been nasty - but yes it is normal to feel really tired!! I have felt like this for about a month now and cannot wait to stop work!

    Tara 32+5
  • Ah hon I know how you feel. I had pre-eclampsia from 29 weeks and its not nice. You get sick of hospital visits, blood pressure tests, peeing in a pot!!! Tell people around you that you need help. Try and relax and i know its hard but have bubble baths, eat chocolate, me time whatever keeps you calm. I delivered early and there was complications but I have a happy healthy, handsome 11 year old son now. I'm crazy enough to do it again so eventually this will be a distant memory I promise......
    Take care of yourself and baby
    lots of love
    Kirsty xxx
  • It might be worth mentioning the tiredness to your MW at your next appointment, as itcould be a sign of anemia. It is normal to be tired, but not completely exhausted.

    It sounds like your having a really tough time hun, hope things get better for you soon. xx
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