I want to clean

Im really frustrated now, I got in from work and was full of energy so have got quite a bit done that I wanted to do, hung some washing out, brought the bins in, ran around the house getting all the odd bits for my hospital bag that I have in but hadnt packed yet, planted some pumpkins (dont ask lol), watered the garden and started washing the drawers and cupboards in babies room out-but now Ive completely tired myself out, I feel like I cant move, but I want to carry on. I think the cupboards did it, they're quite low down so I was at a funny angle and couldnt get comfy-so oh has said he'll finish that job for me another day, but I just wanna get up and do something else-Ijust cant find the energy for it, yet an hour ago when I got in from work I felt full of it

I know its to be expected, but I thought id be able to do more then that-Ive only done an hours work at home and its drained me completely...Id understand if I felt tired from work when I got in but I didnt at all



  • lol, doesn't sound like an hours work to me, sounds like you got loads done! But I know what you mean, I am also getting frustrated by how tired I am feeling, it seems like the small, simple tasks are turning into a big hassle.
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