can i

hi girls, sorry really quick question.. can i eat a pasta sauce which has 6% ricotta cheese in it??

Just making my dinner and wondered if i could eat it or not?


  • i cant see y not its all been cooked so all the germs and cheese bad stuff will have gone it should be fine i wud i was naughty and had a red bull last week now if i can do that and me be fine im sure a bit of cheese wud be ok but only on the condition u cook me some pasta aswell xxx
  • I have eaten ricotta in my pregnancy- homemade spinach and ricotta cannelloni. Its fine.
  • Thanks Girls image

    unforunatly mine isnt home made and is in a jar from m&s lol...

    Sorry tinkerbell i yummed it all myself xxx
  • oooooooooo u greedy piggy xx
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