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*typing all this v. quickly so I can get off this scary grown-up forum and back to the safety of ttc*

My blood group is A- and hubby doesn't know what his is. I've done quite a bit of reading up on how this can potentially cause problems with second births (if baby is + and mother's body tries to reject baby), but didn't think it mattered for a first birth.

However, I bought a book at the weekend which says that as I am - hubby will need to have a blood test to establish his blood type, in order to ascertain whether or not our baby wil have + or - blood type. Why? I thought you only had an anti-D for subsequent births, not your first?

Does anyone know? Sorry for haste!


  • You have to have anti-D in first pregnancy to prevent it causing a problem in future pregnancies. I am A- too and I had anti-D at 28 weeks and will have it after the birth. They do it differently in all areas - most rh- women have 2 injections during the pregnancy like Zoey. But in mine they have just made a stronger dose, my mw didn't believe in this though and said it isn't any better.

    I don't know my oh's blood type and neither does he. BUT even if your oh is rh- they will give you anti-D anyway so there's no point getting his blood tested. I think it's "just in case" you have slept with someone else! Mad eh! But they have to be sure.

    Congratulations, btw! xxxx

  • Oh I had a major panic when midwife told me I was A rhesus negative blood - lol. I asked on here and got so many replies the ladies really calmed me down! My hubby is A rhesus positive so I really need to have the anti d injection. I have the first one in two weeks. Midwife told me to be careful with bumps to my belly before having the injection as I could get some internal bleeding and that could be a danger if bump's blood and my blood mix. She told me to be 'sensible' and if I had a big bump to my belly ring the hospital as a precaution. She did say that once baby was born they would take it away and check it's blood and give me the third injection. It's not as bad as it sounds, I was in tears when she first told me but feel much better about it now! I think they worry because as baby is being born and the placenta the two bloods can mix and then your body thinks oh bad blood and makes anti bodies that could affect next pregnancy. Hope this explains it and we haven't confused you too much!

    Louise 25 +4
  • What is a bump to the belly though? My bump is so huge I'm always knocking into things!

    You need anti-D after a miscarriage as well...I know a woman who had 1 mc (a sad coincidence) and then another which was due to the negative blood. But once they tested her they realised and gave her the anti-D, she has 2 kids now. xxxx

  • Im A- too and hubby doesnt know what he is. The midwife told me I will have anti D injections. She said its difficult to find out ohs blood type as it is more cost effective to give the anti d injections than test ohs blood.
  • Thanks all, that's great, and made perfect sense. Hubby was panicking a bit about having to have a blood test (he's a big baby :\) ) but if they give you the anti-D anyway now then that's good news for him!

    I'm looking forward to making the move over here permanent but not quite ready yet.... *scurries back to ttc*
  • SOrry for the late reply. But just thoguht I would let everyone know. Do not panick too much please. I am negative and so is my auntie. She has had four kids. And they enver made a big deal out of it.. My mum was a nurse and she also asked what all the fuss was about. It might be more common in our country though.

    She had no anti D injections or anything and all her kids are healthy and so is she and never had problems. I hate the anti D injection......

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