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Okay i'm just curious, i've been told by my haemotologist that he wants me to be induced at some stage (poss 37wks?) anywayz i've been told that a induced birth can be a damn sight more painful than a natural kick started birth how true is this? and how long on average does it take?



  • i was induced with my 3rd and it was by far the most positive birth i had had, quick copable all done on gas and air and no stiches it was great the most painful bit for me was having my waters broke!!
  • Chloe, thanks had my waters broken for with my first, i found it more uncomfortable than painful! but that sounds good.

  • I was induced with Neve and I found it really painful because my contractions went from not feeling anything to full blown in 2 hours, I don't think the pain is more you just don't have as much time to get used to it. Apparently inductions are often quicker than natural births which is definately a plus point!
  • Oh my last birth was like that naturally!!!! i woke up in full blown active labour, hadn't even realised i'd gone to bed in labour! lol

  • Oh my god! LOL you slept through the first part of your labour - I want that next time!
  • Yup! still can't believe it myself cos i'd had a membrane sweep that day then me and OH did the deed too :lol: woke up at 2am got myself to the hospital and was already 4cm dilated!!!! 3 hours later i delivered!!!! be nice if i could that again must admit!!!

  • i had the drip though and my waters broken and i didnt find they came on really bad all of a sudden i think it depends how well they control the speed of th drip,
  • if you get to the point of induction, do you get an option to just have a c section instead?
  • I was induced with Lola and i found it a very positive experience. I had my waters broken and was put on the drip and although the contractions became very painful very quick i was told an anethitist (sp?) would be on hand for me, which i used!! and an epidural was the last thing i wanted but at the time it was a life saver!! i was also monitered throughout and i had 2 midwives who never left my side which also gave me confidence.

    im more scared of doing it all naturally this time around as i would be more than happy to be induced again!!!
  • being induced is more painful... i had the gel, which is ok, not painful- bt the contractions r far worse- and labour can last longer and ur more likley 2 need c-section- as i did
  • I dont think being induced is more painful - with my 1st i had my waters broken and he arrived within 2.5hrs, no pain relief and i would of had 10 more! 2nd baby i had the gel - took 10hrs to start the contractions and another 10 hrs for him to arrive...very different to my first labour and it was an induction also...i think theres noway of knowing how your body will cope with labour til your in the throes of it! no3 will be induced in il let u know! xxxxx
  • hellooo....gate crashing from baby !!!

    i was induced at 37 weeks due to OC, and it was a fantastic experience. Before being diagnosed with OC, i was worried about going in to labour myself, not knowing what it feels like etc....but my induction was great.

    i was induced with first lot of gel at 10am, contractions started at 10.30am, 5 mins apart, i had my waters broke at 4pm, i was put on oxytocin drip at 6pm to speed up my labour as LO had poo'd, epidural at 6.30pm and had archie at 9.30pm pm after 30 mins of full blown labour (6 pushes). i wont lie, it can be painful, but i held out til my contractions were nearly on top of eachother to have an epidural as i wanted the pain initially, rather than at the end!!! it all depends on how your body reacts to the induction process, my body reacted really well and i found that staying active (pre oxytocin) really helped with the pain.

    it all depends on how your body reacts....good luck and enjoy it !!
  • Thanks for all your replies ladies! the reason i'm having to be induced is because back in Nov i had a massive PE (tons of blood clots on my lungs) and my haemotologist is seriously worried about the effect of letting me go full term, so instead of risking it he's writing to my consultant to say he wants me to have a planned birth, so i can come off the Clexane injections 10-15hrs before--also that way should i need an epidural i can have one, cos if this was left to be spontanious i wasn't going to be allowed an epidural!!!! then as soon as the birth is over i'm to be given a huge 2 medical dose of Clexane then switched over to Warfarin for 6mths. But i mean being induced suits me fine anywayz cos i'm suffering SPD/PGP so badly that my GP has already written to my consultant too! and my physio is doing the same too.
  • Hi

    I was induced with my first and with my second I went into labour naturally. i have to say there are plus and minuses to both. The first I found more painful because the contractions came thick and fast with no real build up (I had the pessary). I still managed on gas and air though mainly because it was so quick 1hr 40 mins (the plus side).

    My second I coped much better with the pain and didn't use any pain relief at all however it was much slower 4hrs 15 mins active labour but a nasty 17 1/2 hours early labour that left me feeling really tired luckily once things got going I perked up at a bit because the early labour was really getting.
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