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Can anyone offer me some advice on hair???
I'm hoping to get my hair chemically straightend in the next day or so, then about a week later have it highlighted again.
My hubby always chemically straightens my hair for me and has done for years with 'Wella straight', which can be used during pregnancy...and works wonders on my half afro hair...
My hair dresser will then highlight it for me and cut to style.
My question is: Is it ok to highlight hair during preganancy? :\?


  • Yes its fine to highlight your hair in pregnancy, the dye doesnt actually touch the roots of your hair so its fine.
  • Heya
    Yea its fine to have your hair high lighted, they do say to have a patch test first though because dye can take differently when your pregnant due to hormones. Thats what my hair dresser told me.
    Amy xxx
  • Hi Sazzy

    I've been told it's fine as long as it's on your hair rather than your scalp (foils etc) - it'd be the chemical straightening I'd be worried about rather than the highlights - no idea if that is safe! hope someone else can answer! xxx
  • As far as I know the chemical straightening is fine as it doesn't go directly onto the scalp. I've read the leaflet and asked my hair dresser about it too.
    Hubby always does it for me & I trust him.....aawwww!!!
    sarah xxx
  • Most dyes/highlights are safer now and dont contain peroxide. I've done my thru all 3 pregnancies and no complications. I would recommend a patch test first to check for any reactions though due to pregnancy.
  • Thanks guys for all your advice....
  • Yeah I've been having my highlighted throughout pregnancy, it can affect colour and time it takes to take on your hair it either be quick or if your like me it'll take hours to take.
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