Does anyone know

Any natural remedies for a headache? I've had a real stinker since i got up this morning, one of those horrid ones that starts at the front, works its way round, and now i feel like someone has been using the inside of my head as a drumkit! I know in theory i can take a paracetamol, but i dont really want to unless i have no other option! Anybody know of something i can do to get rid of it??
Its my own fault, had a girlie night in last night, stayed up far too late, and am suffering for it now! I mean, no alcohol in sight and i STILL wake up with a headache! How is that fair?? :roll:


  • yeah use 4head! Its the dogs B**llocks!!!!
  • Forehead stick, cooling gel pads and lots of water are the things that help my headaches. I know what you mean about not wanting to take paracetamol!

  • Thanks girls! i'll have to send Mr Lynz out for a 4head stick thingee then, right now Tracey i'd even try the dogs danglies if someone said it'd help!!!
  • Hi huni i kno how you feel i had a girly nite last week & woke up to a realli bad head-ache d nxt morn...
    I have took 6panadol since i became pregnant i feel too that de are a last resort to any pains...
    What i did huni was lay with a cold wet face cloth as i had no1 to go get me any cooling pads & as beth recommended drink lots of water... And i found it helped great...
    Hopefully it helps you!!!x
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