Cnt find a heartbeat?

Hi ladies, just wondered if anyone could help? A friend of mine is 10 wks pregnant but the hospital cant find a heartbeat. She had a scan yesterday and they said the sac had grown but couldnt detect a heartbeat? Do you think there is still a chance that this pregnancy will be viable?? Her dates are correct! Thank you xx


  • Hi,
    In all honesty it doesn't sound completely positive but you never know the baby could be hiding or in the wrong position??
    Sorry I'm not much help but I didn't want to r&r.
    Are they going to re-scan and check her HG levels?
    Fingers crossed for your friend, my best friend went through this a couple of weeks ago and it was horrible to watch.
    Thinking of her lots
  • Thank you dappytart for your reply! It doesnt sound like its going to have a positive outcome to me but i live in hope for her sake! They are going to scan her agai next week so hopefully she will know one way or another whats going on :cry: Thanks again xxx
  • What a worry but I hope it turns out ok- surely sac growing is good but then if she is sure of dates the heartbeat should have been there so guess thats not good. Let us know x
  • Have they tested her bloody? Surly they can tell if the hormones are increasing? What a worry for your friend! I hope she is ok. Send her our love x
  • Thank you ladies for your very kind replys, i will pass on your good wishes. Ill let you know what happens xxxx
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