I'm having a bad 5 mins :(

I'm really frickin' grumpy today, so completely fed up of being pregnant I just want him out, I'm way to hot and I put on 5lb last week 5LBS!!!!!! thats a pound a day and nearly 4 stone overall. If I carry on putting on 5lb each week that will be another 30lb by the time I'm due thats 6 stone overall!!!!!! making me 17 stone thats nearly the size of a small elephant. My dear father in law felt the need to say "oh look here comes slimmer of the year" when I walked in the house on saturday therefore making me totally miserable and so I buried my head in a magazine and wished I was dead. I can't sleep cos my hips can't bear the extra weight for longer than 30 minutes at a time image

Sorry for the rant it just feels like it's never going to be over lol



  • Oh Caz really feel for you babe! Know what you mean about it being sooo uncomfortable that you just can't sleep! I just keep thinking that its only 5 more wks to go and then it will be all over! I am sure that you won;t put on 6 stone by the end, lol baby must have just been having a growth spurt last week! At least you didn't cry when your fil said that! I caught my oh waddling behind me the other night and promptly burst into tears, think he got a huge fright as just thought he was being funny! MEN! Sure it will all be worth it when our babies finally arrive! Tammi xxx
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  • Hey Tammi
    I keep telling myself it will all be worth it image
    My fil has made many similar comments before but I try to ignore it, luckily my dh stood up for me and told him to shut up. My dad weighs 20 stone and has been on a diet for a while now and has managed to loose 3 stone (I'm very proud of him) I decided to tell fil that my dad was on a diet and he said "what the seafood diet! he sees food and he eats it" thats made me so unbeliveably angry its unreal what a w****r, fil is a horrible man sometimes and was really horrible to dh telling him he was a usuless c**t etc and now dh is saying that he won't let fil see lo when he is born.
    So the s**t has well and truely hit the fan!
  • Bless Caz, sounds like it really has. Think your fil needs to think before he opens his big bloody mouth! You need to think of some witty remarks to shoot back at him aswell, knock him down a peg or too! Your right to be really proud of your dad, 3 stone is a big achivement! Lets just hope we can all lose the weight after lo are here, at least your dad will be able to help & support you, lol. Tammi xxx
  • Oh Caz
    I can't belive he said that, they really just don't think do they, my dad takes the mick all the time but he's my dad, he's allowed to and I know he doesn't mean anything by it but if FIL so much as commented on me, actually he did the other week, he said well you've always been big haven't you, meaning in pregnancy, but i did take it to heart. But a big pat on the back for your dad, 3 stone is amazing.

    Em x
  • It upsets me because my family have been nothing but complimentary about dh family but they can't seem to do the same, perhaps my fil is jealous because dh gets on better with my dad than he does with him?! Oh well it's really up to dh whether fil sees our lo or not I cannot make that descion (sp) for him, but I know how sad he makes dh and I had him in tears last night because he can't understand why his own father is so awful to him (my hubby nevers cries so I knew it must be bad).
    How are you anyway Tammi?
  • Hey Em, thanks image
    I'm really proud of my dad as he has had countless operations this year and has managed to get over them enough to start loosing the weight he has been desperate to loose, and comments like that from fil just make me angry as the only thing he ever tries hard at is drinking beer!
    It's hard not to take comments to heart even if they are meant in jest, it's not like we would ever go up to someone who was overweight and call them "fatty" or make comments on how they look but people seem to think when you are pregnant they have a right to say stuff.
    On the up side, when dh saw how upset I was he took me out to a restaurant that I had been subtly hinting I wanted to go to and said lots of nice things to me and made me feel beautiful again.
  • Sounds like you have a wonderful hubby there Caz it's such a shame his father can't treat him better.

    Em x
  • It is a real shame, but I'm pleased he will never be like his dad, he has always said that. His dad never wanted children and has always told him and his brother that and they were just seen as an inconvinience (sp) but dh has always forgiven him when he has been horrible saying "well he is still my dad" but I think he finally cracked this weekend and has given up any hope that his dad will change.

  • Caz your fil sounds horrible! Can't imagine ever saying something so horrible to anyone! On the plus side your hubby sounds fab and is looking after you well. Me & baby Scott are both fine although getting so fed up now! Finish work on Friday so can't wait till then, as I am huge (was measuring 37 wks at my 33 wks check up!) Plus not sleeping well as seem to have constant heartburn all night and nothing gets rid of it! Oh the joys of pregnancy! xxx
  • Hey Tammi,

    Glad to hear things are going well image I haven't had the heartburn experience yet so will probably think I'm dying when it eventually happens lol I'm such a drama queen.
  • hi sorry to hear your fil is a twat, my oh dad was lovely he died a while ago n ohs step dad is a complete ass, we named our son after my brother who had passed on that year n he turned round n said ben?? thats a dogs name (sensitive bloke) he constantly makes fat jokes as i was tiny when i met them n now 3 babies on im not now! but then again i always have my standard reply oh well im fat ur an ugly balding twat i can diet but mike ur stuck like that 4ever. lol i bet ur ohs dad is secretly feeling jellous as his son has u and is obviously looking forward to being a dad! which will show everybody hes nothing like him strange creatures men!!!! p.s glad ur so proud of ur dad he sounds like he deserves it xxxx
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