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Nursing Chairs - Useful? Any reccomendations?

Hi Girls

I hope your all well.

I spoke to my mum the other day and she's insisting that I get a nursing chair to breastfeed baby, I have done a quick search on mothercare, babies r us and M&P, and only found one, that looked like an old lady chair.

Does anyone rate these?? Are they useful and does anyone have any reccomendations of any good comfy ones that look a bit modern?

I just thought a nursing pillow to support baby would suffice?? What do you think..


  • Hi Clayrebear. I really want a nursing chair because our nursery is too small for a single bed as well as a cotbed, so I need somewhere confy and supportive to sit when feeding LO (don't get on well with sitting bed propped up with pillows). Our budget is ??100 ish so I've narrowed it down to these two:

    Glider chair from Mums2B:

    Ikea Poang:

    If anyone has experience of either of these chairs I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts! x
  • Hi,

    I bf both my two and never had one, but I had the cot in my room whilst bf so I just sat on the bed. If I was to put baby in it's own room I'd buy a chair, but I wouldn't go for a 'nursing chair' as such, I'd probably just go have a look in ikea and buy one that's comfy.
  • i'm planning on having baby in a swinging crib next to my bed for the first few months and just thought i'd sit in bed, but, i don't want to disturb hubby, so i guess a chair in the nursery would be good. x
  • My friends recommended a glider chair and foot stool. You can get them in various colours - and prices! They can range from ??120 to over ??600!

    I fell in love with the dutailiers, they're gorgeous and so comfortable:

    or this

    The more expensive, the more comfortable they are. I couldn't justify spending quite so much, so bought one 2nd hand off ebay and it's amazing. You can really feel the difference!

    If you google Glider Chairs, you can find them all over the place - Kiddicare, Babies R Us, Mothercare. xx
  • I have seen the ones in Mothercare that look quite similar too! X
  • Hi
    I got a 2nd hand chair & stool from friend so can't help re choosing one but was told by another friend to make sure that the arms are covered as her baby used to kick the arms of her chair and get really unsettled. She wrapped a towel around the arms but said it wasn't the same.
    Also, another friend used to use her chair to read her son's bedtime story after his bath - it wasn't just good for feeding.x
  • I also have the one from mums2be and I LOVE it!

    So comfy and I also still use it every day and my son is 17mths. To feed in it, read bedtime stories and yes many a night have I slept there when lo has been ill or unsettled!
  • G/C - you don't need a nursing chair. I bf in my nice comfy armchair downstairs and in a wicker chair from Ikea upstairs. I have just added cushions to support my back and use a nursing cushion. When Sophie was really tiny I also raised the level of my feet up with a cushion underneath.

    I've actually found that the most comfortable chair to feed in is the front seat of my car!
  • I got a guilder chair and foot stall from freecycle, in perfect condition I just need to recover it and mil has said she'll do that for me. Is really comfy and think it'll be in our family for many a year
  • I have a glider chair and foot stool from Kiddicare in the online sale last month. ??140 for both with free delivery. I looked at the ??600 ones in John Lewis and cant really tell the difference between the two of them.
    Also in Kiddicare you get a choice of wood colours and fabrics.
    I dont think its essential that you have one but I really wanted one and it was the first thing we bought!
    YC x
  • I wasnt going to get one for when I had my son last year because I couldnt quite justify the cost ( we were looking at around ??300) but then we found a glider chair in John Lewis (see PuddleDuck77's links) that was ex-display in the sale for ??150 - we had to flip a coin with another couple who also wanted it and lucky we won! It has to be probably one of the best purchases baby-wise that we made. I occasionally have lower back probs so feeding on the sofa or sitting up in bed werent ideal for me and I didnt want to have to go and lie down in bed every time I bf! My son is 9 months now and we still use it - he even loves rocking himself on it now (supervised of course!)

    After we bought ours I noticed Tesco Direct do them too at a cheaper price.

  • I've just bought a good old fashioned rocking chair off ebay for a fiver! I've got a footstool so am going to 'prettyfy' them both to go with my nursery! x
  • g/c to say that I would get a comfy chair for your lo's nursery. I have the old rocking chair that my mum used when i was a baby! image I was fully intending on having lo in with us for 6 months but at 10 weeks she was such a noisy and restless sleeper that we had to try her in her own room. It was the best decision we made! She is now 6 months and still feeds through the night so i love having a comfy chair in her room. image x
  • I think that would be fine susiee, i was really comfy sitting in bed feeding my dd when she was little. Just make sure your back is well supported and you will be fine image x
  • I didn't have the room with ds1 to get a chair int he nursery and found in the end that I was pretty comfortable anywhere that I could support myself.

    Suisee I use to feed in bed all the time as ds selpt in his moses basket next to us until he was 5 1/2 months. Was so easy poping him out, had my cushions arranged around me to support back and nursing arm and off we went. Use to do the same on the sofa, if we were out etc.

    As I found I didn't need one last time I am not bothering this time either especially as ds1 was sleeping through by the time he went into his own room so never need to bf him in there.
  • That's a great price! Snap it up!
  • wow  the price  is so low i  can buy from  this image  thanks  for  giving information image

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