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Hi All this is 2 month TTC although first month just winged it. This month we have brought a CBFM, I wonder if anyone knows the 'sucess' rate, for example, once used most people fall in 1st/2nd month etc??? (assuming no problems)

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  • I'm not sure of the official stats but I fell pregnant the first month we used ours. Good luck hunni xxx


  • Ooooh thats such good news, did you try before using the CBFM? how many months? I have heard they are pretty good x im on CD8 and so impatient!!!
  • We had been trying for 4 months before using the CBFM on the 5th month. I had no patience so thought I'd give it a go and it worked the first month :\) Fingers crossed you get your BFP soon hunni xxx


  • Thanks MummyB2B......got peak yesterday and BD.....but also got a peak today but cant BD........does that mean I will ov 12-36 after the 1st or second peak? I dont know if I am CD1 or CD0 haha.

    It is interesting to hear that the CBFM does seem to help x

    did anyone just BD on peak or oh highs too......I only BD on first peak, hope thats enough
  • From what I remember (it was a while ago so don't quote me!) you are fertile for something like the day/ 2 days before your peak until the day/ 2 days after your second peak. You aren't back to CD1 until the day your AF arrives (fingers crossed she doesn't!). If you press the 'm' button when you get your AF it will start a new cycle for you and it will give you fewer days that you need to POAS as it will be more in tune with your cycle.

    I personally bd every couple of high days and on my first peak day.

    Fingers crossed for you hunni xxx


  • Thanks and good luck, its nice to hear when people have tried it and got BFP soon after.

  • hey ladies!

    I used the CBFM and fell pg on the 1st month of use too. It is a great gadget and I passed it on to my sis-in-law to use afterwards. She fell pg on the 3rd month of trying.

    It's really useful if your cycle differs a little bit from month to month and you're not quite sure when your peak days are. That said I had been using OV sticks for 6 months before the CBFM, so it may have been coincidence I fell pg on the 1st month, but I did feel more in control! I loved it!!

    We personally only bd on cd12/14 and 17, 2 days before peak, 1st day of peak and 3 days after (a bit late!). But it worked for us!

    Good luck!

    Iz x 31+6
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