Maternity trousers

Just wanted to share with you that I bought these trousers online as I was having issues finding trousers that fit me quite early on that I could wear for work during my pregnancy.

These trousers arrived from Next and they have adjustable elastic in the inside at the sides which you tighten or loosen by moving the holes in the elastic over the little buttons on the inside either side, like you had in your school trousers, The are really comfortable and I can wear them already and they dont look like maternity trousers.

Go get some!



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  • These look great I think I am going to have to go and get some of these. You just order them in your normal size?

    K xx

  • they look v smart,id get some if i were wrking!yes u just order ur usual size in maternity xxx
  • Yup, im a size ten usually although since ive been pregnant ive been more a twelve round the waist. I tried on lots of maternity trousers up town in Mothercare and Dorothy Perkins and they all had a big elastic bit at the top which was supposed to go over your belly and I couldnt get them to stay up, I mean what the hell are you supposed to do with the big elastic bit whilst you wait for a belly?

    Anyway these ones came in a size ten and fit fine, they are even a little baggy down the leg which gives me a little room to grow there too as I am sure my bum is going to get HUGE lol. They are perfect fit and as I get bigger I can loosen the elastic at the sides.

    Ive also ordered the black knee length dress on there which crosses over at the top as I think its pretty.

    Georgie xx
  • Just to add, Dorothy Perkins do jeans with adjustable waists like this - I bought two pairs (??20 each) and have lived in them ever since! Even started wearing the black ones to work, though I wouldn't usually, 'cos they're so comfy! I hate the big elasticy ones too! x
  • I tried those from next but couldn't get on with them, they were too lose on my waist and too tight on my thighs!

    I got the wide leg pair and they are REALLY comfortable. I have 11 weeks left at work and I hope and pray they will last me as I can't find anything else!!!

    Joo xxx
  • I bought these elastic waist trousers they are good until you get a bump. I'm carrying really low and am now unable to wear these adjustable waist trousers and I'm only 5 months gone. So I wouldn't buy too many pairs until you see how your bumps going to be. The next ones are really fantastic though

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