How many?

baby clothes do i need? im going shopping later or tomorrow to get the last of the baby bits but i cant remember for the life of me how much of everything i need, even tho i only had Tegan 16 months ago lol heres what i have so far:

first size vests x 14
first size sleepsuits x 5
0-3 vests x 10
0-3 sleepsuits x 8
scratch mitts x 8 pairs
hats x 4
blankets x 6
socks x 10
muslin squares x 6
bibs x 5 ( i didnt really use these with Tegan)

due to having Tegan and general masses of washing due to my oh's work, i dont get the chance to do washing everyday so need plenty to last. and i also dry baby clothes on the clothes horse as our tumble dryer tends to shrink many things lol so this takes a bit longer.

Hannah 34+3 xxx


  • Looking at your list I think the only thing you need is a pat on the back and a piece of cake!

    Personally I think what you have is plenty although maybe a few extra muslins would be a good idea.
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