I've made 1st Dr apt

Hi, I've made my 1st Dr's appointment for Friday and just wondering what to expect.
Also do I need to tell them in advance that I'm pregnant or just tell the Dr as normal when he says "so what can I do for you today?".
I think H2B is refusing to accept or discuss positive result until after Dr appointment. So I'd like to know what to expect.
Thanks, Suz x


  • Hi Suz,

    Congrats!! I just told the doc when I got there. She gave me an info pack and worked out my EDD and said she would pass my details on to the MW and she would get in touch direct. No bp taken, no pregnancy test given, all quite an anticlimax tbh, lol!
  • Hey hun, i rang up my docs today as this is my 3rd baby didnt even need to see him, reffered me straight to midwife, he said would of only worked out my DD anyway and sent me on my excited way!!!!! kim xxxxx


  • hey hun - i took my 2 test with me and showed my doc and then he took my blood pressure, worked out my expected date and examined my belly then i had to book in with the midwife, then when i saw her she took blood, took my blood pressure and filled out my notes and then gave me a big bag full of books and leaflets and samples. doc dont seem to do much its just better to get it logged into your files and then the midwife gets all sorted out. every where seems to have different procedures hun so dont be worried !! xx
  • i think H2B will be very disappointed after docs visit lol!!! as all the other girls have said, while what happens at your docs varies, they dont really do that much except refer you onto m/w. Some do their own pg tests/some dont (you might want to take a urine sample with you just in case) but mostly they'll take your blood pressure, maybe give you some do's and dont's and fill in some forms to pass you onto the m/w. Oh, if you not already taking folic acid you can get a prescription to get it free.

  • Well you were right, Dr's apt was the most disappointing thing ever. It was a locum Dr who was about twelve!! She said if I thought I was pregnant lets just proceed as if I am and wait to hear from midwife. I think my OH and I were wanting Dr to confirm it for us as I've had no symptoms really, and until it's just not sinking in yet. We get married 2 wks today and all focus is on wedding right now so it's hard to focus on being pregnant.
    Anyway, now I'll just wait to hear from midwife and keep reading websites etc for advice, seeing as the Dr didn't give me any!! Suz x
  • aww sorry it was such a let down hun - it gets abit better when u meet the midwife, i found that bit exciting =D ... aww i bet you cant wait for your wedding !! keep in touch and let me know how everything is xxx
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