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Hello all

I'm 24+4 today and don't know when I should start to really take notice of Angus's movements etc.

My bother is, I think he prefers to move around and kick me etc. when I am relaxed and laying down. Over Christmas, his movements dramatically increased - he didn't stop kicking me and moving me pretty much all of the time I was off work. I did spend a huge amount of time just veg'ed out on the sofa, watching tv or having cuddles with my hubby and the cats! So I was obviously a lot more relaxed at home and laying down a lot more.

Since being back at work and sitting at my desk, his movements have become a lot less. He is moving, but only the odd swim or kick, definitely nowhere near as much as he was over Christmas. I get up for fairly regular walks (to the toilet of course!).

I don't want to get stressed about it, but its still hard not thinking that something has gone wrong / is going wrong. Is it too early for me to be really monitoring his movements properly? At what number of weeks should I start doing this? I keep trying to bear in mind that I am pooh sized and so my feeling movements is most likely going to much less than a tigger sized person.

I have my 24 week check with the midwife tomorrow and its on my list of questions for her. But I get to a point where I think "oooh not felt him move in a while" and think how long do you actually leave it until you really should worry and ring the maternity unit?

I think in the last 2-3 days he might have also moved position as over Christmas, there was a time when his kicks were really strong. My tummy doesn't feel really hard at the moment, I can still feel my uterus but that's all really.

I'm trying hard not to get worked up, but I wanted your advice on whether its just too soon to properly monitor his movements or whether I am right to be a bit worried.

I STILL don't have my own midwife so I have to ring the community midwife team who are utterly rubbish and only ever refer me to my Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As such, I am stupid and refuse to ring them unless I feel desperate!



  • hi hun , try not to worry too much i think if u have been feeling lots of movements each day and u dont today then maybe ring to get checked out , this happened to me at 24 weeks and i just rang the on call midwife and she had a listen in as they say here not to count them till 28 weeks but this varies across the country , if u dont normally feel many then maybe wait till tomorrow but i think to put ure mind at rest just give them a ring ,it wont do any harm to have a listen in eh ..........hope ure ok xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi hun

    I am not going to be very much help but my friend at work who was preg did not start really feeling movement till about 22 weeks and I think her MW told her she should start tracking it about 24/25 weeks.

    This is just what I was told so I am not 100% sure. I will google it for you have a little look around.

    K xx

  • Hey Joo, I too found that when I was relaxing I felt tons more movement than when I was at work, and I mean tons. And from what I remember 24 weeks was just a little on the early side to be able to say with certainty "I've felt x number of movements today."

    I know it won't stop you worrying, but hope that helps.
  • Ok just had a look around and most places seem to same that yes 24 weeks is still very early and that most wonen track movement about 28 weeks image

    K xx

  • Hi Joo,

    I am 24+1 today and have just got back from my 24wk appointment with my MW. I asked just this question as was also thinking about how much more baby moved at Christmas!
    MW said no need to be counting movements yet at all. I heard the HB (very strong!) and when she had a feel around baby kicked really hard! But being back at work its back to mostly evening kicks for me!

    I am presuming I dont need to start counting until at least 28wks when I have my next appointment.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi Joo,
    As long as you are feeling some movements everyday that is the important thing. I'm 32+6 and even now the movements are more intense when I am laying down/relaxing. Like you, over christmas bubs didn't seem to leave me alone! I think it is also more noticeable when we are relaxing as we have the time to concentrate on them. To be honest, even now I don't 'track' them. If I think I haven't felt anything for a few hours I give myself a prod or lie on my side and that seems to start pip off!
    Any concerns than call the midwife team or doctors as they are there to put your mind at rest and with what you went through before they should be especially understanding.
    Good luck for the rest of your pg xxx
  • Hi Joo, I'm 29+4 and was told not to start counting them until 28 weeks, however when I was 27 weeks baby stopped kicking completely from Friday morning to Sat afternoon and as he has always been very active and I can practically guess when he will start kicking I was very worried and went to the hospital to get checked over.

    I think 24 weeks is probably too early to count kicks as my MW said they can be very erratic until about 28 wks which is why they tell people not too count until then, but if you are worried and feel instintively that something isn't right, definately get it checked out!

    Oh and wanted to say that although my baby is incredibly active he definately kicked more over xmas and in the evening when I'm chilling on the sofa compared to when I'm at work!

  • Thank you SO much everyone - I feel tonnes better now, I really do.

    It seems that if we are relaxing or as dappy says, have time to concentrate more, then we all feel our babies move more. Especially glad to know that you all felt baby move more over Christmas (could it be all that Chocolate making them go nuts???!!!).

    Angus has moved a few times since I posted, so he's definitely still in there, somewhere!!!

    Will have a chat to the midwife tomorrow anyway... I really hope it goes well tomorrow, am nervous having had so much trouble with them so far!!!

    Thank you ever so much again ladies - I appreciate it loads (and so does Angus having a much less worried Mummy now)!

    Joo xxxxxx
  • Hi Joo,

    just to reiterate what others have said, i wouldnt worry about counting movements yet, i definately dont feel bean moving half as much at work as i do if i`m sat at home doing nothing. Its like others have said i am not always concentrating on it at work as i have other things to do.

    Also bean tends to move a lot more if i am laid on my back or if i am sat back on the couch. And he moves loads more in the evening too and through the night but as i said before its prob cos i`m concentrating more on it then.

    i definately wouldnt say he has a pattern yet though but as long as i feel some movement everday then that is good enough for me so far!!

    Nina 24+2 xx
  • I'm 24 + 1 and over Christmas was sure I was having a team of footballers hee hee now I'm back to work its gone back to mostly morning and nighttime kicks with a few during the day. Good to know its not just me though.

    Debz x
  • i'm 24 + 3 and bambino's movements are def there but very erratic....

    i've been told as long as he moves once a day then its ok... the mw said some people get told to count to ten movements a day... but what happens if you sleep through some... or miscount etc....?? So she said just every 24 hours make sure there has been some movement....

    i freaked out as on new years eve i fell over (happily landed on my sizeable derriere!). I didnt go to hospital as bambino was kicking away merrily for a good 12 hours and really active so thought he must be ok.... then i didnt feel anything for nearly 30 hours.... was just about to go to hospital and the little mite started using my insides as a trampoline and went to midwife today and she said he's just dandy in there and heart beat is strong.... she said the fall probably did me more harm than him and to take things a bit easier rather than rushing around in the ice and snow (I didnt then have the heart to tell her i got a bit too excited at playing singstar and was going for the big key change in some big power ballad and just happened to lose my balance as i got up.......!! That's a story i reserve for you ladies only!!)

    I know i'm being lighthearted but at the time i was really upset and worried and was in tears cos i was so silly and it was such a stupid thing to fall over... i'm not a bad mum to be - honest....!! Although good thing it wasnt the next track i was going to do where i was planning to play air guitar with my leg!!! (joke!)
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