My birth story

I got home today after 4 nights in the hospital, so thought share my birth story as gabe is asleep on his changing mat lol! (But will prob wake up the second I write this...)

I went in on the 7th May at 8.30am to be induced. I was monitored for 20 minutes and then they gave me the 1st pessaries to induce me. The midwife told me my cervix was slightly dilated already and "favourable" and I started to get contractions very quickly! They weren't bad though, just like mild period pains. 6 hours later they wanted to give me the 2nd pessaries but said my contractions were too strong and they didnt want to overstimulate my waited a few hours then had them put in. I was kept up all night with mild contractions, which I thought were painful, then at 7 the next morning the REAL thing started!! I started having to breathe through the was horrible...I couldn't wait for my oh to get there at 11. I went on the gas & air even though I was only 3cm (bugger me 3cm...ow! ) and it is GREAT, but you do need to concentrate on breathing it in deep (hard when all u want to do is scream!!!!)

They took me up to delivery suite to break my waters which I was dreading but actually wasn't painful at all. Put me on the monitor and my contractions were 1 in every 5-10 mins. The mw said they were v. strong but just not close enough so I had to have the synto drip...I asked for an epidural (which I recommend...could feel my legs, but no pain!) so I had those 2 put in. I was gutted when hours later, I was STILL at 3cm!!!!

Anyway about the same time, the mw's changed shifts and I had a new mw....I had been 3cm an hour earlier but started feeling very weird like i needed the loo! The midwife put a catheter in just in case my bladder was obstructing labour but nothing really came out. I just needed a poo!!! But I was hooked up to my drip and monitor so couldn't go and refused to go in a bedpan LOL!!! The midwife said well it might be the baby, I was like NO I'm only 3cm I need the toilet....I was screaming. I didn't want an exam but she did anyways and said oh my god this babys head is very low and you're 7cm.

I felt really good after that and everything was going well, except I had a high temperature and they put IV antibiotics in my drip to try bringing it down and took a LOAD of blood from me god knows why. Gabe's heartbeat was good though and did not drop or accelerate not once, in fact the monitor showed he slept through most of it!!!

5 hours later at 3am I was examined again and was convinced I was fully dilated as could feel sooooo much pressure from the head and I was feeling sick and shaking from cold even tho had a high temp. But no I was still 7cm. No one mentioned a section but a few mins later a doctor was there (I was very very woozy and kept falling asleep too) and said we are going to do a c-section now and got me to sign consent which i did.

My epi was topped up and I was wheeled to theatre, I kept shaking...I was TERRIFIED. When we got in there and I was ready the doctor poked my belly with a needle thingy and poked my legs saying can you feel this and I could. So they put a spinal in and I couldnt feel the needle after that. They put the screen up and my oh was allowed in theatre...I didnt feel them go in but I did feel a lot of tugging/pulling (gabes head was stuck!) but defo wasnt unpleasant....just weird. Then I heard him cry a bit and everyone saying OOOH what a big baby! I wanted him straight away but they dried him off checked him weighed him and gave him to my oh who held him while I was being stitched. I was then wheeled into recovery and kept throwing up - nice! They were a bit worried about my temperature especially as Gabe had a temperature too. But soon enough he was on me and heading up to the ward (couldnt believe my oh was kicked out straight away!!!!! Thought they could have at least given us an hour as a family.)

Anyway - I have felt great since - the scar is a tad sore and I worry a bit about ripping my stitches - but as soon as the spinal wore off then I was up and about, catheter in one hand baby in the other lol what a sight I was! I found the c section was a positive experience and would do it again for sure . I did really want my natural birth but looking on the bright side, like at least no stitches down under.

As for gabriel he is gorgeous - though a handful! Its hard to believe hes so big as he is long and thin! He likes sucking so we have given him a dummy already which looks hilarious on his tiny face lol but hey if he likes it!!!

Anyway gtg cos we need to transfer him to moses basket asap and give bedtime bottle. hope everyones pregnancy is going well! xxxxxx


  • Gosh! I can't believe it turned out like that. I'm pleased you had a postive c-section tho. I think it's horrid how they kicked your OH out! I would have been in floods of tears after having gone through all that.

  • Oh well done you! You sound so happy, you really brought a smile to my face! Im surprised they kicked oh out like that! Seems a bit mean and they could have given you a bit of time together after all you went through.

    So glad you and Gabriel are doing so well. Take care, and hope your tum heals quickly.

    Enjoy your beautiful newborn! x

  • Ahhh bless. Although you went through a long labour at least they gave you quick relief in the end. I'm glad you had a positive experience with the c-section. When can we see pics....?

  • CONGRATZ hun image
    what did he weigh?
  • Congratulations hun and welcome to the world baby Gabriel.

    You went through a lot but glad it all turned out well in the end.

    Enjoy your son xxx

  • Really glad that u had a positive c-section experience and i soooo happy for u that ur lil boy has finally arrived. Kerry xxx

  • Wohoooooo congrats hun, how much did he weigh?
  • Congratulations again! I nearly started to cry when I got to your point in the story when all the mws and doctors were cooing over your new baby as it was born, that was lovely. Hope you are enjoying your time with Gabe and recovering well from the c-section x
  • well done! you sound chuffed to bits...made me even more excited now!! hope you, oh and gabe enjoy your first days together
  • HI babe well done and glad it all worked out in the end! Enjoy this time as a family and looking forward to seeing some pics! Tammi xxx
  • Hi everyone, I have a little pic up there but might change it yet! How do you put pictures up that arent your avatar - I'm clueless..... Hayley he weighed 9lb 1oz, not an elephant but massive compared to some of the little ones I saw! xxxx
  • Awwww congratulations hunny, he is sooo gorgeous!! And well done for coping so well with the birth, I don't think I could do it for that long!! So happy for you.xxxxx
  • oh hun well done and congratulations on your beautiful baby. My little one was 8lb 5oz and they didn't believe it so weighed him 4 times before they believed it. He did look rather large next to some of the others i saw too. Take care heal well and enjoy.
    Filo x
  • Hi Hun...He is beautiful!!

    Congrats!! xxxx
  • Wow congratulations babe! You did so well!
    I hope you're recovering well.
    He is so adorable, you must be so proud! xx
  • OOhhhh hes gorgeous tigerlily, well done, take care hope your all well.
    vikki xx
  • Congratulations. Fantastic news and glad all went OK with section etc. Gabriel looks lovely, can't wait to see more pictures. S x
  • congrats what a gorgeous little boy hope your feeling well xxx
  • Congratualtions honey he's beautiful! Hope ur recovering from the birth well! xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Congratulations, he's gorgeous! Hope you are feeling well xx
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