Hi there, i have a 4 month old baby, however a friend of mine is currently 12 weeks pregnant and experiencing terrible back ache ( i never had tha before).Apart from feeling sick constantly. What problems are u experiencing that you want solved, in case we can help each other. Any remedies for back ache?


  • Hi, I've always suffered back ache from pretty early on in pg as well and there really isn't too much you can do except the obvious - no lifting etc. There is a bump band that is supposed to support the back - I got mine from Mothercare but I can't wear it cos it presses on my tummy and I've got really stretched ligaments so it hurts!

    Tell her to look for a back support on ebay and see what it throws up.....

  • Ive got back ache too. Told my mw and also saw dr who thinks its muscular pain as the hormones make everythin relax. Mw suggest warm baths and can also take paracetamol but it gets me down sometimes as its always there...hoping that it will go soon!!

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