Hi Ladies,
Just looking for a lil advise and sympathy. Im very big and very heavy and since this morning iv bin getting pains right across the bottom of my bump and in my lower back. It really uncomfortable and doing my head in now. Baby has bin on a mad one since last night and its like its bin trying to escape through my belly botton, lol. I said to OH if it keeps going like that its going to burst its own waters (dnt even know if that is possible). My bump is so hard coz baby seems to be pushing in every direction and i need some advise on how to relieve this pain before i snap. I just feel so on-edge and fidgity i cnt keep my legs still and dnt wan anyone near me (including OH and Rhys). Please tell me im not the only one feeling like this and is there anything i can do. Kerry xxx


  • Cant help with advice mate but feeling very similar to you right now so you definately have my sympathy!

    Am gonna try and have a nice bath in a bit and see if that helps but can definately tell that there isnt much room in there for him right now and hes letting me know about it!

    Had forgotton how difficult this final straight is lol
  • sorry if this is too much info but when I'm constipated I get back and bump pains and LO goes mad,like she's saying for godsake go to the loo,there's no space in here!!!

    A couple of senna and a painful day or 2 everything is fine again. I get really fidgety and agitated with it.
  • Thanks girls, i wud normally say it is constipation but iv not bin suffering with it over the past few days iv bin really regular, which again i put down to baby playing with my intestines and making me need to go, lol. How lovely Kerry xxx

  • Thats what I love about coming on here - NO INHIBITIONS Lol!!

    Good to hear we can take Senna (what is it - tablets, medicine?) I have been suffering nasty constipation and didnt think we could take anything - so more details PLEASE!!!!
  • Kerry, the body tends to get rid of waste on the run-up to labour so take care hun as it is possible u cud be in early labour........then again, it mite be nothing but thought you ought to know!
    Good Luck!
  • Cant really help hun but just wanted to offer some sympathy! Not long to go now, I know it probably feels like forever but it'll soon pass.
  • You can have some sympathy from me as well! I am feeling very similar so I know how bloody uncomfortable it is, they only thing that I have found helps is a nice bath but unfortunately you can't stay in there all day! My little horror woke me up at 5.30 this morning kicking like mad and then didn't stop for nearly an hour, so I'm shattered today as well. Still, we've not got long left now, I have my fingers crossed that this one will turn up a little bit early like his big sister.
    Kerry xx
  • Oldermum69 - I got mine from the MW this time as she gave it to me when she told me to take iron, as long as it's the plain Senna and no added stuff it's fine, you can get it from poundland when they have it in but it's always worth mentioning it to your MW as they can prescribe it too, it's free then LOL!
  • Hi girls i saw i midwife today as i attended one of these parent craft classes (which i felt really out of place coz everyone was either due end of aug/sept, and still looked like skinny minnies while i waddled in all big and breathless, lol). Anyway i told her about my pains and fidgityness ect and she said to keep an eye on things and it did sound very similar too early labour, ahhh! Things have died down abit now she checked babies heart for me at the end of the session (which was really nice of her) and everything was fine, and iv bin told to take it easy as i dnt wan to aggrivate any early labour pangs and bring on full blown labour.

    The thing is i cnt really slow down at min and got my lasy assessment in uni tomorrow, the building work on my kitchen and bathroom started today (which is very stressful and i now have my entire kitchen and bathroom in my living room and bedroom) and i havent really got time to take it easy at the moment. Anyway just thought id giv u all an update and the hot bath suggestion was great for the time i was in there but wen i got out i felt like a lead weight, lol. Kerry xxx
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