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The dreaded subject. I was just wondering how much weight all you pregnant ladies have put on whilst been pregnant? How far are you? Also have you been eating healthier then before you was preg or carried on as normal? Have you done any exercise while pregnant?
I am 32+5 and have put on a mega 3 stone 9 lb. I dont feel that big, but have put loads of weight in my bum and thighs apart from the usual bump and boobs thats it. My old clothes i can squeeze into but no where near fasten. So i was just curious about you lot.
Abbey & Baby x x x


  • Hi Abbey

    I am 37 weeks today and have put on 1 stone 10lbs which I am well chuffed with - I was overweight before I got pregnant so have tried quite hard not to put too much on - i've also go gestational diabites so in a way thats helped!! I feel like eating 6 choc bars all in 1 go but i can't because of my blood sugars !!

    Oh and we are getting married 2 months after baby is due ! so that may have helped me not eat quite so much as my lovely wedding dressi s hanging up at MIL house

    I'm going to go to weight watchers as soon as i'm allowed and also breast feeding might help shift a few pounds

    Don't worry about 3 stone + weight gain as thats not too bad i've seen and heard of worse lol

    Caz xxx
  • Hi Abby,

    I have been a worried about my weight gain the whole way through my pregnancy. I am now 33wk + 1 and I have gained 2st 7lbs so far which I have to say I feel is not too bad........... But there is no way I would even be able to gat my old trousers on!!! I seem to have gained all the weight on my thighs and bum!!!!

    Em & Fraggle xx
  • Hi,
    I'm due on Monday and the last 3 weeks I have put on 1 stone which means 4 stone in total. I'm sure this is a massive baby - OWW!
  • Wow, i was told you dont put much weight on after 35 weeks, i take it thats not true then. LOL.
    Thanks for replying and good luck to you all x x x x
  • hi all image
    am 20+6 and have put two stone on already image
  • I had a massive growth spurt at 34 weeks and put on over half a stone in a fortnight. In total it must now be 3 and a half stone though most of that in the last month or so to be honest. I can feel where it's gone on more than you can see it (if that makes sense) and quite honestly I can't wait to get back to Slimming World as soon as I can!! I really am not enjoying my double chin!!!!
  • I have put on 3 stone and am 33 weeks tomorrow. People say they don't notice that i've put it on on arms, legs or bum. But it can't really all be Bump and Boobs, Can it???

  • Hi,

    I've got 10 days to go and I've put on 2 stone 10 pounds. I had terrible sickness up to 26 weeks so didn't eat much but since then I have stuffed my face with anything I fancy. lol!

    I have been walking everyday throughout my pregnancy. (only a gentle stroll not power walking!)

  • Hi, I have 17 days left and have put on 8 pounds. I felt really bad when I first fell on (I was only sick a couple of times but i just couldn't eat) and I lost over 1 and a half stone but from about 9 weeks i needed maternity jeans as my belly swelled. I don't look very big now though (I am measuring 1cm too small but I'm not worried) and everyone is amazed when i tell them how far along i am!
    I dont think it matters what you gain cos you can always loose it - my friend looks better now than before she had her baby!
    Good luck everyone!
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