12 weeks +1

hey everyone i am now 12 weeks +1 and have a scan on tuesday im really nervous as my boobs r not sore anymre im not being sick and im not really feeling 'pregnant' anymore.

what are your symptoms at this stage im getting worried and nervouse for tuesday now xx


  • hi thankyou very much i had an early scan at 8 weeks and 2 days as i was having alot opf pain and have a slight bleed in my womb but im terrified of mmc image i have a 4 yr old son and i cnt remember ever feeling this paranoid with him xx
  • Hi hun, the only symptoms I had were sore boobs and even that stopped after 2 weeks when I was 8 weeks, so I was very nervous going for my scan but baby is absolutely fine. Symptoms really don't mean anything, your body adjusts to the hormones so they come and go throughout pregnancy.
    Try to relax sweetie, I'm sure everything is fine

    Jo xx
  • Hi my symptoms of sickness and sore boobs eased too at 12 weeks and i worked myself up on day of scan because of it but there he was sitting pretty x
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