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hi when are you all telling people im on no three and ive told in laws and a few friends im only 6 weeks
im putting off telling work as the girl i work with is after exrta work and theres a new project coming up and they have asked me not her to do it so i want to get my foot in the door befor i tell them. as for telling my rents i know im gonna get told of lol i think they think im 12 me and hubby had some probs a few months back and i know my mums gonna think we are trying o fix probs wiv a baby wich we are not we fixed our probs by talking to each other again but i cant be doing with justifying myself to her for goodness sake ive been married 5 years and as i said this is no 3 i know wat im doing aaaaaaaaaa the stress lol:x


  • I personally am not telling my friends, work colleagues or the rest of my family until I am 12 weeks. This is then passed the most risky period. Besides, if you tell them too soon, it will seem like the longest pregnancy in history!

    its really up to you and your husband when you decided to tell people; people vary. I had a friend who told everyone that she was pregnant when she was only 2 weeks gone!!!!
  • i'm 7 +4 and i've told my family and hubbies family, i'm trying to pluck up the courage to tell my boss today, i've only worked here a month and he is rearranging other members of staffs hours and things to accomodate me so i don't want him to think i have been hiding this from him so think its best sooner rather than later in my case, but in your case i would wait before you tell work!
    I'm in a similar position, me and hubby had big fight few months ago and split up (only for a day!!! lol) but people did kind of look at and think 'what!' lol
    Even when i told hubby i was preg he said 'but when?' lol we only bded once the whole month and i got preg lol someone is trying to tell us we should be together i think!! lol
    Good luck with your pregnancy!

  • Hi, I'm 8+4 & have told parents & sisters (after my scan @ 6+2), also boss @ work, due to all my appointments!

    I will be telling the rest of my family & friends after my 12 week scan on the 29th Dec, as I know all to well how devostating it can be to tell the world, & then something go wrong, as this happend to me in September!!

  • Im almost 6 weeks and have told everyone already as its out first and were so excited there is no way I could have kept it a secret I dont know how people manage to wait until 12 weeks youre very patient if you can hang on that long! My mum did say to me as I found out so early (4 weeks) that I will lfeel like ive been pregnant forever!


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  • i'm having a 9 week scan just before christmas, this is when we plan to tell our familys, nice xmas prezzie for them!! can't wait to tell everyone but will wait for nearly 12 weeks if i can.

    the problam is, almost 6 weeks in and i'm showing (when i have no clothes on or tight fitting stuff), realise this is probably bloating and is def not the baby but i dread to think how big i'll be at 12 weeks!!
  • Hi I am 18+3 now but we told our parents when we were six weeks and a few friends and then i told my boss at 9 weeks and then everyone else at 11.

    My thought is that if something did go wrong i would want people there to support me anyway. Luckily it hasn't though image

    p.s. i was so bloated it was madness i looked 5 months gone some days!!
  • thanks girls im just not looking forward to my rents the first time i fell preg my mum screamed at me also told me to have an abor then i had a missed misscariage when i told her the next time i waited until i was about 17 weeks and she was not pleased despite what id been thro but my sister fell when i was 6 mnths gone and she was well chuffed with my last preg dont think she even congratulated me now this time round i cant be botherd with the grief might just tell her in july after its born lol
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