bargain maternity clothes!!!

hi ladies, i've just been surfing tinternet for some maternity clothe and have just come across a fab sale on the new look site, i have just purchased a hoodie, a lovely t-shirt and a smart pair of black trousers for under ??20 inc p&p!!! i'm off to check out the next site to see what their maternity sale is like!!! just thought i'd let u all know!!!!!


  • i have been doing the same and ordered two pairs of maternity jeans for ??20 from next! i'll have a look at new look now cheers!!xx
  • hey thanks for this mrs k , i dont think there is any point me buying mat clothes now though with less than 4 weeks to go ........ha ......when i saw the post i thought u were goin to warn us about ure ebay disaster pmsl xxxxxxxx
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