bleeding after sex?

hi all

i have had a bit of bleeding after sex last night, i phoned my maternity ward this morning and they have reasured me that this can be perfectly normal, but have booked me in for a scan on tuesday just to make sure.

has anyone else had this? im 10 weeks pregnant.


xx :\?

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  • Yeah, I had it at about 5 weeks. Also had a lot of random bleeds up to about 11 weeks, it was horrible! I'm sure you're fine - pregnancy softens the cervix so it can be prone to bleeding (something I don't imagine sex helps). Good luck for ur scan, I needed 2 early scans and they were so reassuring! Philippa 16+6 x x x
  • good luck with your scan hun, im sure all will be fine, i stoped having sex as soon as i found out i was pregnant, so havent had this problem myself,
    let us know how your scan goes hun xx

  • Iv had something similar recently. Had nookie and the next day a brownish DC, called the midwife and she thinks my cervix was bruised and not to worry.

  • Same thing happened to me at 6 weeks! Had early scan (but didnt tell them bout the sex!) and all was ok! Sure you will be fine.
  • I had lots of bleeding in my early pregnany weeks. The last bleed i had was at 11 weeks. That was not even after sex. It was a period bleed withe clots. i also bled after sex but never said it was caused by sex. but everything was fine after scans. always call them if you have worries or you bleed. it doesnt matter how many of us went through it. all our bodies are diferent.

    we can only guide you as to what we went through. I'm glad you made an appointment. please let us know once you find out!!!good luck mrs!!!!
  • Hi girls,

    Try not to be embarrassed about telling your MW about bleeding after sex. (After all, this is how we all got in this situation). This can be a valuable piece of information for them while evaluating your symptoms and can maybe easily explain the cause without you having to be seen at the hospital.

  • will my scan be a belly one or a vaginal one?

    im 10 weeks

  • It will be a belly scan. I think they only do vaginal scans if they really have to. They dont want to go poking around in there if there is no medical reason for it. Im 32w and not had a vaginal exam at all through my pregnancy.
  • thanks for the replys

    im so worried. been for a wee today and still discoloured when i wipe.
    cant wait for it to be tomorrow.

  • It will be fine i'm sure. I dont know why but they have had to do a vaginal scans on me all the time and the last one was at 12 weeks exactly.not sure why!!!!its just such a nice clear view from the inside. Just go with a full bladder incase it is a belly one.then it would be a nice picture. if otherwise you can just empty your bladder there
    good luck!!!
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