5wks gestational sac shown in us but thats its

hi im 5 wks 2 days had scan on wed as having pain they could see gestational sac but no fetal pole or yolk sac. radiographer said it would be to early to be seen anyway. got to go back next fri. anyone else had this.this is my second pregancy had alot of pain and spotting in my last pregancy son is now 13mths old. soz if it doesnt make sense on a night shift worried sick and to top it off got sinnusitus. thanks:\?


  • Can't say I've had the same, but my early scan this time should have been 7 weeks but wasn't and was put back. I was gutted but it was OK when I went back 10days later there was a heartbeat. Guess if radiographer says its normal you have to believe that. Good Luck and hope your sinisitis gets better- I don't envy you working nights, I did it for years and it nearly killed me!!
  • Its maybe too early to see a heart beat yet. I think it can be seen from 6-7 weeks. I hope your other scan goes well next friday. I had a bleed at 7 weeks and had an emergency scan and could see the smallest flicker of a heart beat, blink and youv missed it.

    Hope your feeling better soon.
  • I think it is just too early at that stage, it must be awful just waiting though. I hope everythings fine, but like everyones said-its just too early to tell at 5 weeks so just try not to worry about it
  • Hi I've had early scans with most of my 5 pregnancies (including 2 miscarriages) and the ones that were before 6 weeks only showed a sac and no heartbeat so try not to worry. It will feel like forever waiting for your next scan but it will come eventually! Good Luck xx
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