Done Myself An Injury

God knows what I have done to myself, but I have this pain on the left side of my lower back/ top of bum. Sometimes it's fine and other times I can barely walk!

I haven't done anything to hurt it, I'm sure. Could it be pregnancy related?

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  • Hi,

    It possibly could be Sciatica, i've had it on and off through out my pregnancy

  • Does the pain travel down your leg too? I have this kind of pain, could hardly move in bed last night and I wanted to roll over which took about 10 mins! Think its prob preg related so will ask midwife when I see her (have 20 week scan this afternoon!) Will let you know what she says!x
  • It doesn't move down my leg it seems to be more contained in my lower back/buttock area. And it is always on the left side

    I asked H2B to give it a rub but I couldn't feel anything- it seems to be only when I am moving
  • I have this as well, I had it about 1 weeks mw said it was too soon though I know how I am feeling. Yesterday could hardly walk at all it was so painful and today it is the same.

    I get pain in my groin and down the front of my legs and feels like my cervix is heavy as well which is a really odd feeling.

    I hope you feel better sopn hun might be an idea to talk to your MW.

    k XX
  • Sounds like sciatica. Apparently its really common early in pregnancy as the baby grows it presses on your sciatic nerve and then when you "pop" out, the pressure is released. Hope it doesn't last too long!

  • i've had that on and off too!! I'm 12 weeks now and the only way i can explain it - is that it kinda feels a bit like a trapped nerve! Again when i do have it, its when i'm walking and sometimes it makes my legs kinda give way!
  • Yes, trapped nerve is what I keep thinking x
  • I have had that, and the groin pain, and have been diagnosed with Pelvic Girdle Pain and Symphysis Pubis Disorder - unfortunately it hasn't eased off any for me, and the SPD is getting worse, so i'm on crutches when i am out of the house to take the weight off my hips.

    I sympathise with you as it is hugely uncomfortable at night in bed - my hubby bought me a massive pillow which really helps as it props me up nicely in whatever position i want.

    Let your midwife know about it so that she can explain the best ways to cope with it.

  • I actually read about PGP, and some of it sound really familiar but then other parts of it don't. Sometimes I get pain laying down and other times not at all. I wish I just fit the symptoms!! x
  • hi i have similar sounding pain to you mainly in my back at the left hand side and top of my bum and also in the joint of my groin and i have sacroilliac joint dysfunction hope you feel better soon
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