Pre natal depression

Been diagnosed which this today when saw midwife. I had a clue i had it had all the symptoms plus more and she found keytones in my urine showing that i'm not eating well which i'm not i'm feeling to down to eat! I just want to reassure people that depression in pregnancy is normal and not to shove it off as it only gets worse! Tell someone and get help as 9 times out of 10 in turns into post natal depression!


  • Sorry ur feeling so down pinkbutton, but so glad u are now getting some help. U r dead right about telling people if u are feeling down or depressed i think alot of women just shrug it off. Hope ur feeling better soon now that uve bin diagnosed and are getting help. Kerry xxx

  • i know exactly how you feel pink button, im convinced im depressed and terrified it will turn into pnd. i work in mental health and so i know how bad people can feel but you just need to take the time to look after yourself and get all the support you can. xxx
  • Thanks girls of off to docs tomorrow to get medication as Saturday was feeling worse then ever!
  • Hi pinkbutton, just wanted to say good luck for going to the doctors, you're definitely doing the right thing. My GP spoke to me about depression in pregnancy as I've had bad anxiety and depression in the past, and it isn't something to ignore. Hope everything goes OK. X x
  • Hi pinbutton,
    I hope it goes ok tomorrow and the medication helps. I also wanted to say that I think your really brave to stand up and say how your feeling. So many people don't and it really doesn't help.
    When I had my last child I had really severe PND but they left it for 2 years and by the time I had help I was really really poorly.
    Keep in touch-and take care!
    Lydia xxx
  • hi pinkbutton, I wrote about this a few weeks ago too. I also suffer from Pre-natal depression, like you i found talking to the MW and doctors helped, i still get days where i just stay in bed and cry and cry (today being one of them) but i know with everyones help me and my baby will get through it.
  • pinkbutton,
    I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone. Did you get any counselling, and has it helped?
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