Advice needed pls

I don't work for the NHS and not sure of your rights but theres no way i would step foot in there, esp if your only a few weeks preg!!
In any job it is their duty to ensure yours and babies safety, i don't think they would have a leg to stand on if they tried to dissaplin you!!

Samantha 35wks


  • I actually work on an orthepeadic ward in a hospital and from my experience is that i would not chance it as i have just had the sickness and diarrhoea and it isnt pleasant and im 18 weeks pregnant.
  • know this is bad but couldnt you maybe lie and say you have come down with something to avoid it if your ward sister isnt very sympathetic?

  • DONT GO call in to OCcy health and explain it to them... They will contact the ward and advise them as to the reasons that you shouldn't be there during this period. They may ask you to cover another ward instead
  • disgraceful.... hmm could use the usual pregnancy ailments like sciatic (pinched nerve in lower back) or the fact your sick or had to go to docs due to abdo pains lol hmmm could go on forever. (been thinking of excuses to use with my work lol can you tell! i work with mean nasty chemicals and i don't like the risk factor involved and the worst part is they've not even done a risk assessment for me yet image
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