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Hi all, just wanted to have a bit of a rant. After another trip to hospital on Monday for more bleeding, my doctor signed me off from work for two weeks. She told me I had to rest and not do anything which is fine as OH is fab. The problem is my boss at work. So far this morning she has called me 4 times and asked me if I can do some paperwork for a case I was working on before I went off sick. The job is a big one and now she's ringing up asking for the whereabouts of paperwork associated with it and some of it is with me. She said she wants to come over and see me next week which I just don't want as simply talking to her gets me all stressed out. :\( I know I'm probably just being pathetic but all I can think about is looking after myself at the moment and thinking about work just is not one of my priorities. I just feel like my boss is trying to catch me out with filing and paperwork that has not been done. My filing cabinet is not up to date as I don't have enough hours in the day so all I've done is just throw stuff in there. All the paperwork is there it just has not gone in the appropriate files! Just feel really down and like my boss just wants to find reasons to catch me out as me being pregnant has not gone down well anyway. AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH. There, that's better.:lol:


  • Poor you, you don't need that stress at the moment do you. There are 2 things I can think of doing, first, when your boss next rings up get you OH to answer the phone and explain that you are resting because that is why the doctor has signed you off, or, if you have a HR department contact them and ask if they can have a word. I can imagine that you have had alot on your mind with everything that has been happening to you, so it's no wonder things are a bit up in the air with your paperwork etc, but that isn't your priority at the mo is it. The other option is to unplug, or switch your phone off!!! Stay strong and don't let anyone push you around. Keep ranting here and let us know how you get on chick. xx
  • Thank you very much for your advice. I'll phone my union just to get some help from them. xx
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