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Lack of pg symptoms - is this normal?

Hiya, Im 7wks and not really experiencing any pg symptoms other than slightly tender boobs and bloatedness.
I had a couple of days of nausea but otherwise nothing. I will mention this to my mw 2moro but just wondered if any of you are the same?


  • completely natural!
    And you have had some symptoms with the sore boobs, my morning sickness did not start until i was 9weeks and i was only sick twice so enjoy it while it lasts!
    Im sure the mw will put your mind at rest, we cant help but be paranoid this early on but having few symptoms is not always a bad thing. ( i remember doing a test a day cos i was so worried, clear blue made a fortune out of me)

    Let us know what the mw says.
  • dont worry babe i have none and never have really since i found out except mood swings and more cm but thats it i even did another test over day just to make sure!! i have got a private scan booked on wed anyway as i'm too paranoid!! i have just read ur other post and i'm sure everything will be fine, thinking of you xxx
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