Tommee tipee nappy wrapper??

Hi all

Just brought one of ebay for a bargin (??5.99!!) but it doesnt have any instructions, can anyone inform me how it works? I need to buy a cartridge thing is there instructions in there???

Laura (18 weeks today!!) xx


  • hi i bought one off ebay too, and the lady posted me the instructions later cause she had forgot to put them in. i do have a cartricge so ill go andhave a look and see if it has instructions, if not ill somehow tell you what the instructions say...i have a scanner, maybe i could email them to you. ill check if cartridge has instructions first..that was a good price, i think mine was ??10!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • thanks that would be great! If they do have instuctions and you have time to scan my email address is [email protected]

    Thanks! xx
  • Hi, failing that drop Tommee Tippee an e-mail thats what I did and they posted the instructions out to me!

    L x
  • hi sorry i completely forgot id said i do that...pregnant brain is my only excuse sorry!!! let me know if you still havent got them off website as lizB said and ill send them to you tomorrow x
  • Hey all

    My bf asked me a very interesting question the other night concerning this wrapper. When the baby gets bigger. Do we need to buy a bigger one for when the early one gets too small to use?

    He read it in a blokes guide to pregnancy. There is alot in there actually. Things he tells me and the knowledge he gained through reading it.

    So does nappies get too big for it? If so how do you overcome it?
  • I've been using mine for 6months now and as Rhys has got bigger and the nappies and poo have too, I still use the same wrapper it just the cartridges that you change. The 6 months + cartridge help to mask the fragrance of rotting veg coming from his nappies, but only a bit lol. You just need to make sure you wrap the nappy up as tight as you can, using the nappy tapes, if its a large one. I find it invaluble.
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