Hi Everyone,
Ive just found out that im pregnant, be about 7 weeks. The trouble is i didnt have any symptoms really, but yesterday when i did my two cbd tests i started to get a funny feeling in my stomach, thren in the night i had like period pain, just wondered is this normal?!!!
I just panic i guess os im new to this.
Amber xxxx


  • sorry about my spelling, i cant type very well!!! lol
  • I'm 33 weeks and haven't had a single pregnancy symptom, craving, bigger boobs, nothing!! Am gutted by the way about the same size boobs! Nothing about my body has changed in the slightest except a big beachball attached to my stomach.

    You will notice every single niggle and twinge, and worry about them too, but I'm sure you'll be fine. If they are painful then give your early pregnancy unit a call, or community midwife.
  • First off congratulations. The pains are more than likely implantation taking place (you might get a slight pinkish discharge too) so perfectly normal. and yes, you will notice every pain but the majority of them are just the normal 'joys' of pregnancy!!

  • I found out i was pregnant acout 6 weeks in, i'm a first timer too.
    I had cramps that felt like period pain, i was a little shocked at the test results, i just thaught i was late....

    Congrats on the pregnancy and enjoy!!!

  • I had really bad cramps for a couple of weeks at the begining. I rang the midwife who said it was my body sorting itself out by stretching and moving around to get ready.
  • Thankyou, i think you do worry about everything! I havent had anything else which is nice. Im still finding it hard to believe though, it will sink in at the 12 week scan i guess! Im at the doctors today to tell him im pregnant, how scary!!! lol
    Hope you are all keeping ok
    Amber xxx
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