lara and chloe

hi girls me and daisy were just wonderinghow you are getting on. daisy got weighed this morning she is 11lb 7 bless her. we have had bit of a difficult weekend with her as she really is struggling with wind. on saturday she did not have on single sleep she was in pain and kept waking herself up and got crankier and crankier. i have to keep scratch mits on her all the tim e now as she claws her face in a temper. i cried this morning at the hv which pissed me off cuc now she thinks i have depression!!!!!!!! and i havnt but i just feel she can be a bit patronising.i was asking if i should try coleif instead of infacol and she asked me how longi can leave daisy to cry without picking her up. when i said about 5 mins which is a lie it probably only 2 mins she said i should leave her longer she said if i had a toddler to look after i would have to leave her cry, WELL I HAVNT GOT A tTODDLER SO WHT SHOULD I LEAVE HER TO FING CRY!!!!!!!!!!! IM NOT BEING FUNNY BUT YOU KNOW WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR BABY she is crying cus she is in pain i feel sorry for her and want to help her how is leaving her to get even more distressed going to help. SILLY COW

YES SO I THINK IVE BEEN PUT ON SOME SPECIAL WATCH CUS I CRIED . dont get me wrong she is lovely but im not paranois she said kelly she is nearlly 6 weeks old she is not going to sleep after every feed, yes i realise tyhat but i still dont think its normal to go a whole weekend without any sleep AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i feel better now.

anyway she has actually been bit better this morning and is sleeping as we speak in my arms she even slept on her own this morning. , and she is going to chiropractor tonight for some more treatment on her kneck and sh is pleased with her progress so all is good for today anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!

let me know how chloe is have you had her weighed since you came out. in baby forumn they are talking about recovery from c sections it makes interesting reading!!!

take care babe kiss for chloe x


  • Hiya Lara

    How you feeling hon? There's a thread on here with loads of congrats for you if you can ever find it again!!

    How did everything go? Sounded as though everything went to plan and that you were both fine from the post your hubby put up.

    Get some piccies up!

    Glad to see you back online (though I have a feeling your won't be around too much!)

  • Hiya babe!

    I was away from Sunday til yesterday and I was shocked at how much had happened so god knows how it feels for you lol

    Thank you for the email and piccy - she is gorgeous!!!

    Will email you in future coz I know how easy it is to lose a thread in here lol!!!

    Glad to hear Daisy is doing well Kel!

    Am sooooo jealous of you both with your little bundles of joy! At the moment I have got my teenage son blasting all sorts of music out day and night whilst my 6 yr old moans hes bored constantly - how, I dont know!!!

    To have a little one that just cries for me sounds like heaven - wish the bigger ones couldnt talk sometimes lol

    Love Lee
  • hiya hon!

    good to see you are both doing well and have managed to pop in (and use capital letters lol)!

    She really is gorgeous babe - thanks for the piccy! Keep them coming lol

    Talk soon hon
    Love Lee
  • Hi Lara she is so beautiful i dont know how to put pictures on otherwise id put one on of Daisy imcrap with computers. we had tworeally good days with daisy and last night she was up nearly allnight crying with wind. Today has been the same. it is such a shame as aafter her feed she is laughing and calm and then between half an hour and an hour after she has fallen asleep she is in painagain. i really wanted a nap today but cant with her so upset. i have just given her some boiled water and left her with her dad for five mins to try and fart it out before i give her her next feed!!!! we have friends coming round tonight for spag bog and a night on the wi i am dreading it nowhope she sleeps tonight. Glad your sleep is going well though you feel so much better for it x
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