Pain under bump?

Hi ladies,

Just some advice needed really before I sart to worry. I am 22+5 and have been getting sharp pains under my bump off and on all day. Just every now and then and feels quite sore for a couple of seconds and then goes off. No bleeding or anything, little one still moving away in there so am just putting it down to stretching? Has anyone else had the same thing? Some reassurance would be good.

Thanks girls

Sazzle xx


  • Hi hun. I've been having the exact same pains for 2days. Very very sharp shooting pains. I'm worried too and am considering going to epu if it carries on. As you can feel your baby moving then i'm sure all is fine but chat to your mw if your still worried. Lisa 15+5 x
  • hi i first got this around this time it sounds like spd.look it up and check the symptoms out.very uncomfortable need to be referred to physio for the best x
  • I would check with MW - though stretching pains can be quite bad - but never dismiss anything - if you wrote about it on here, chances are you are concerned enough to call him/her. Good luck & hope all is ok
  • I get what feels like tearing pains under my bump they are so bad i can not move for a few seconds then they go off. I think its just things stretching as i have had this with all 5 of my pregnancys and there have been no problems. just pain for a few seconds then its gone. if the pain lasts longer i would ask your MW. x
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