joo reminds me of a time

:lol:joos question reminded me of my first time in work exper in hospital from uni. i thought i was the bees knees in my little white coat. i went in one morning full of business .the chief gave me the ante natal samples to look after. i got a whole pile of forms to check and of course the wee wee .so i being vain put the forms to one side and lined up ten samples at the time. well just before take off my sleeve swept the whole ten samples off the bench i made a mad scramble to pick em up prayin there would be a bit of piddle left in each one. boy i sweated i scraped the bottles to get a result. thankfully no one saw and no samples had anomilies.if only those ladies knew thats why im very nice to hospital staff nowadays (well i was only 18) lets say i ate humble pie.x x x x
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