Anyone had this - consultant says small, midwife says big

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had been in this position & what the outcome had been? I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday (I'm 27wks). When she measured my tummy she said I measured more like 31wks! This completely goes against scans I've had (have been having extra ones for various reasons), when I've always been told baby is small for dates. I'm definite about when I conceived, as was having follicle tracking at the time. So now midwife has made an appointment for me to see the consultant again next week to discuss this. I know it could be something as simple as my uterus (rather than baby) measuring big, as this is my second pregnancy, but it's all a bit confusing!


  • my midwife told me i was huge for how many weeks i was so got sent to the consultant and was told i was normal for my size, so i had a scan and baby was perfect size and she born 8lb 5oz, i dont think the midwife can tell just by the size of your bump as mine was all water x
  • Yes, could be something as simple as that, couldn't it? Must admit when I've had scans consultant's commented that one of the reasons I can feel so many kicks is because "baby has a nice big swimming pool to swim in".
    Suppose I should be grateful that they're looking after me, but sometimes it seems such a drag having to go to the hospital etc etc (but I suppose beats being at work!)
  • lol i liked it coz i got extra scans and was able to check on baby, so something gd came out of it x
  • I'm not ungrateful for getting to see baby lots, especially when I read posts from ladies who only get one scan on nhs, I just sometimes wish the consultant & midwife could agree on things!
  • half the time i think we know more about wats going on with our own bodys and babys then midwife and consults will ever know lol x
  • Hi Hayley, as you're the only person who replied I thought I'd update you on what's happened.
    Had hospital appointment this morning, saw a doctor I haven't seen before, she measured my tummy & more or less agreed with what the midwife said (big for dates). Then she disappeared for ages & came back & said she'd made me another scan appointment for this Friday & another antenatal clinic appointment for next Tuesday. What joy! I know I sound really ungrateful, but I'd really rather not spend half my life in the hospital! My most recent scan was less than 2wks ago, & at the time consultant said everything looked fine size-wise, though baby still a little bit on the small side. Surely she can't have had a massive growth spurt in just under 2wks??
  • you dont sound ungreatful at all, like you said your last scan was only 2 weeks ago and baby cant of grow that much, some doctors just dont have a clue and i think the would rather be safe then sorry, i dont undetrsatnd how one doctor can say baby is fine but then another say you are to big, after all this you will probs find out its all water, hope everything goes ok for friday, let me know how it goes x
  • aw honey... isn't it a pain when they can't make up their minds! I totally understand what you're saying about spedning all that time in hospital - becuase its not as if appointments are ever acutally on time!! (mine aren't anyway).
    Anyway hope it goes ok chick and baby is well (big or small!).
    em xxx
  • Thanks girls, you've made me feel much better, was in a right mood when I left the hospital this morning.
    Just goes to show that scans aren't necessarily an exact science either!
    When I had my other daughter (this baby's a girl too), I only had one scan during my whole pregnancy, & not many other appointments as far as I can remember, & she was a perfectly healthy 7lb 4oz. I know I'm a lot older now (my daughter's 14), but otherwise not much else has changed, so don't see why this baby's weight should be dramatically different.
    Totally agree that a lot of it is probably doctors etc covering their own backs!
  • hi, i don't think you sound ungreatful at all! when your in later stages of pregnancy the last thing you want to be doing is sittting in an uncomfortable chair in the waiting room with out of date magazines to read, knowing that the clinic is well over an hour late!
    at least you get to see your little one a bit more than some. i've been reffered to see a consultant about lo growth. went into hospital at 33 + 3 as i thought i was in labour (i should know as it's my 2nd but i couldn't be sure) the midwife measured me and i was 35 weeks, i then had a community midwife appointment at 34 weeks and she said i was 37 weeks!!!! when i asked her to measure again as i though it was a lot for the baby to grow in a few days, she just said "wow!" remeasured and confirmed her reading and then said she was going to refer me to hospital consultant.
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