Hi there ladies

Hi there ladies - not sure if anyone remembers me - i took a break from the site a few months ago - but Im happy to report after 12 months of trying - we now have a BFP!!! look forward to chatting with you all over the coming months image


  • Congratulations!!!! And welcome to baby. How have you been feeling? xxx
  • welcome back and congrats!

  • yay congratulations!! thats fantastic. when are you due??

    lisa xxx
  • Thanks guys - actaully i have had a hunch all week - day 22 i had implantation bleeding (always thought that was a myth) brown (yuck!) and then have been feeling naucious and tired all week - have been holding off testing but couldnt wait anymore ... you know what bring on the symptoms I dont care im just soo happy its finally happened (cue a few months time when I will no doubt be moaning!)
  • I don't know you but congratulations on your BFP! No doubt you'll be moaning with the rest of us in no time lol! Hope your symptoms aren't too bad though!

    K 18+3 x
  • Brilliant news! Have a very happy and healthy pregnancy.
  • yay! congratulations!
    Ames x
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